Best Robot Mower for Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine Grass

While they all give you a beautiful green lawn, not all grass is the same. Each type of grass has its own growing preferences and characteristics. So to keep your lawn looking great, you need to make sure you are mowing it properly. Cut it too short and you risk damaging your lawn. Rather than stress, using a robotic mower can help keep your lawn healthy.

While robotic mowers simplify the job, it’s important to remember not all robot mowers are created equal. Because every type of grass is unique, some mower models are better suited for one type of grass over another. Some of the most popular types of grasses include the Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine families of grass. But, each needs its own type of care. Here are the best robot mowers for Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine grass to keep your yard looking pristine.

Best Robot Mower for St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is also called Buffalo turf for valid reasons – the sod is very thick, to the point that it can easily crowd out weeds and other grasses. The blades are flat and broad which means you’ll need a strong robot. However, St. Augustine grass loves moisture and is intolerant of any drought-like conditions. Without the proper conditions, you’ll have little room for error and risk injuring your grass if you use the wrong mower. After searching high and low, the best robot for St. Augustine grass is the Husqvarna Automower 115H.

Husqvarna Automower 115H

The Husqvarna Automower 115H comes with a tremendous capacity of 0.4 acres and is easy for any homeowner to use. The idea behind using a robot mower is that you cut less, more frequently – and that is precisely what you get with this Husqvarna mower. The mower’s Bluetooth connectivity lets you start, stop and schedule the job with your smartphone. If you’re worried about your Bluetooth range, you can always opt for the higher model (115H with 4G).

Like a traditional mower, you get a range of cutting heights from 2-3.6 inches. Higher models feature GPS navigation, but if you’re not worried about it getting stolen you could make do with the incorporated alarm system that goes off when the mower is lifted. Since there is a pin lock, the mower will work with only the original installation.

This Husqvarna Automower also comes with the quietest motor at 58 dB, so you can run your mower without disturbing your neighbors. While this mower has a cutting time that is slightly longer than entry-level models of other brands, at 70 minutes, you get an above-average cutting width of 8.7 inches. Also, the 115H is among the lightest robot mowers available, at nearly 20 pounds, leaving your lawn free of groove marks. With a high-cut style and a wide cutting blade, the Husqvarna Automower 115H is your ideal choice for the St. Augustine variety of grass.

Runner Up

Are you not sold on the Husqvarna? The Landroid Worx WR 140 is also highly recommended, winning the editor’s choice award in many industry publications. But, we rank it second due to users reporting it getting stuck in the thick sod of St. Augustine grass. Users reported gears slipping when this robot made turns on beds of this kind of grass, so you have to watch for any thick areas. The common complaint is that the front wheels are low radius, allowing them to get buried. As the back wheels push on, the robot spins.

In general, for best results, you want to give the robot an easy inning to begin. That may mean sorting out the problematic areas just once before introducing the machine. Using a commercial service to prep the lawn before using your robot mower may also make sense. In any case, the Landroid is heavier, with a smaller cutting width.

The Best Robotic Mower for Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass, also called the dog’s tooth grass, is common worldwide. Its key features are its short blades with rough edges, 6 inches in length, and deep roots. The matting is dense but does not rival St. Augustine grass in intensity. Overall, Bermuda would be called your standard grass, even if it only grows in the lower half of the US. For this grass type, the Landroid would be our go-to robot mower.

Landroid Worx WR 140 and the WR 147

The Landroid WR 140 has recently been discontinued, but you should still be able to pick one up. The robot mower comes with GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, with a cutting time of 60 minutes.

It’s rated for 1/4 acre and gives you get a cutting width of 7 inches. It even comes with a rain sensor to automatically pause work until there is efficiency and solid output. There are also anti-theft features in the security GPS so you can track the location of your machine using the mobile app. With the app, you can also measure the size of your lawn, see progress, periodically update software, set a morning schedule, etc. The company claims the robot can tackle slopes up to 20° and bumps away from obstacles if you don’t exclude certain areas of your yard. The mower can fit in narrow passageways, and the 7-inch offset cutting disk gets closer to the edges than the competition, so you don’t have to trim as much.

If you’re looking for a current model, the updated version is the WR147 and is an excellent option for Bermuda grass. The WR147 is fully automated, and while the price is marginally higher than the WR140, it’s still one of the most affordable robot mowers on the market. And now you can now connect to the mower using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through the Landroid app. This model also features patented artificial intelligence cutting technology, allowing the robot to pass through narrow passageways common with the small lawns. But, more than anything, the company has addressed the issue of getting trapped or stuck. The WR147 features a floating blade disc that automatically lifts the blade system, giving the robot more clearance to overcome uneven terrain. This model also features brushless motors that are long-lasting and up to 25 percent more powerful than brushed motors. These will use the same batteries as all other Worx 20 V tools. You should also note that the cutting width has been increased to 8 inches, but the acreage and the maximum incline at 20° remain the same.

The Best Robotic Mower for Zoysia Grass

The Zoysia grass type is immediately recognizable for its creeping, velvety form. The fine texture makes the grass soft to the touch. Its growth habit is low, so you can often use a robot mower with lower capability. Zoysia grass has a natural ability to suffocating all manner of weeds throughout the year, so your robot mower blades only have to contend with fine-textured, soft grass blades. The machine also needs to be waterproof because Zoysia grass requires lots of water. Typically you’ll get the best results with a cylindrical or reel mower action. If you were to replace that with a robotic mower, your best option is the Husqvarna Automower 450 X. However, this mower is nearly four times as costly as the mowers discussed above.

Husqvarna Automower 450 X

With the Husqvarna Automower 450 X, you get total control of the robot right in your smartphone. Most commands, down to the tweaking and adjustment in settings, are handled via the app. Alarms are relayed to your phone, and you can track the mower in real time, no matter your location. Keep in mind that this is a premium machine and includes a prepaid 10-year mobile data contract. The navigation is GPS assisted, patented, and requires boundary and guide wires (provided). LED headlights coupled with the exceptionally quiet motor with a two-step gearbox make it easy to use the mower at night. You can also pair your robot with Amazon Alexa and Google home, allowing you to use voice commands for the work to start and for most of the standard functions. All of this, paired with the flexible charging station placement, means you really have a hands-off mowing system.

Ultrasonic sensor technology prevents hard collisions, breaking when working in small spaces or when an object is detected. The height adjustment is electrically operated and quickly accessed via the main menu. This robot also features a robust scheduler, keeping it working longer during the hot and humid season and less in the dryer, sunny seasons, all to prevent wear and tear. With the Automower 450 X, you can tackle slopes up to 45°, and you can choose from various cutting styles with a robust deck size of 9.45-inches. The GPS theft protection system is coupled with both alarm and PIN safeguards. It also comes with an automatic charging system that calls the mower back to the charging station, when more power is needed. Finally, there are state-of-the-art sensors, including ultrasonic lift and tilt, weather, etc. You’ll get up to four and half hours of typical mowing time on a single charge, which takes up to 60 minutes! Note that this model does not have Wi-Fi. This is because Wi-Fi typically works best for mowers in smaller areas, not for mowers with a range of 1.25 acres.

Other Robot Options

The robot mower industry is growing and changing quickly. Two new models that would be excellent for all of these grass types are the Luba from Mammotion and the Worx Landroid Vision. Both of these mowers are GPS guided and don’t need a boundary wire, thus greatly simplifying their setup process.

The Right Mower For You

Most robot mowers will get the job done, saving you both time and energy. But, if you want your lawn to look its best, it’s important to keep in mind what type of grass you have. Buying a robot mower without considering whether you have St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia grass could lead to frustration and buyer’s remorse. The mowers listed here all do a great job with their relative type of grass and will help you avoid the headache of a robot mower that keeps getting stuck while keeping your lawn looking great.

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