Halo vs Fi: Compare GPS Tracking Collars

Are you looking for the perfect GPS dog collar to keep your four-legged friend safe and contained? Look no further than two of the foremost manufacturers on the market: Halo and Fi. Each of these impressive products boasts its own lengthy list of unique features that pet parents are sure to love – but there are also some drawbacks to consider as well!

In this blog post, we’ll compare each collar’s features, design, battery life, cost, and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for your pup. Let’s get started!

Coverage and Reliability

halo collar on dog

When it comes to reliable GPS coverage and monitoring, the Halo dog collar and Fi dog collar can both offer peace of mind. While their designs and features vary slightly, both collars have earned positive reviews for their respective strengths – but the best choice for your own furry family member will largely depend on which features are most important to you!

The Halo smart dog collar is highly rated for its fully-customizable functionality. Utilizing a combination of GPS technology and cellular LTE-M networks, this device allows pet owners to create up to twenty customizable geofences in which to keep their dogs contained. These digital boundaries can be customized to suit any property size and can even be designed in custom shapes as well!

Plus, the Halo collar uses an innovative training program designed by famous dog trainer Cesar Milan that allows owners to actually teach their pups where the boundary lines lie. The training function of the collar is fully customizable as well, with fifteen different options for sound, vibration, and static correction. And as an added bonus, this collar doubles as a fitness tracker, giving pet parents an inside glimpse at their pup’s activity from day to day.

In comparison, the Fi dog collar stands out for its long-lasting battery life and built-to-last design. This powerful competitor also utilizes GPS technology and cellular networks (powered by AT&T) that allow owners a unique way to monitor their dog’s location without lifting a finger. The Fi software works similarly to Halo by allowing users to create custom geofences on their property, but with real-time location monitoring that boasts a 7-foot accuracy.

Plus, unlike the Halo collar, the Fi dog collar has WiFi and Bluetooth capability, which significantly reduces battery wear by tapping into a pre-existing signal. It is also designed to send “Escape Alerts” to the user’s phone whenever their dog exits the boundary lines – an essential tool for parents of puppy escape artists!

Despite their slight differences in functionality, it’s clear that, when it comes to coverage and reliability, both the Halo smart collar AND the Fi collar are top-tier choices.

Battery Life

fi collar on dog

When it comes to battery life, the Fi dog collar is the clear winner here. Utilizing the latest and greatest technology, the Fi collar is built around an exceptional battery that keeps your pup’s collar running for up to three months on just a single charge! This is a must-have feature for busy pet parents or those who wish to use the Fi collar on the road.

Meanwhile, the Halo’s rechargeable battery leaves much to be desired. The Halo battery will only last twenty hours or less at a time. That means you would have to recharge its battery every single day for continued use – a hassle that pet owners can easily avoid with Fi’s longer-lasting charge.

Design and Comfort

Both of these collars offer an amazing combination of form and function that can make any pup look great while also keeping them safe.

The Halo collar is made from high-density plastic with a riveted construction for superior strength, durability, and style. Its ergonomic design with adjustable width allows for enhanced safety without sacrificing fashion-forward looks. The signature overlapping loop closure system is designed to offer optimal security when fit properly, plus its weatherproof coating offers maximum protection during outdoor activities like hiking or swimming.

Meanwhile, the Fi collar takes comfort up a notch by using a lightweight neoprene material that’s soft on your pet’s neck but won’t compromise on quality or strength. Plus, it comes in a variety of bright neon colors that will suit any pup’s style.

This collar also features an anti-pinch buckle closure system and reflective accents that keep your furry friend visible at night – perfect if they tend to wander off in search of adventure! Plus, the breathable mesh webbing helps keep them cool in summer months while also ensuring their neck isn’t weighed down by excess fabric bulk in the winter season either.

So which collar is more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable? Ultimately, this decision depends entirely on individual preference. However, both the Halo and Fi collars provide excellent options that cater to dogs of most sizes with plenty of style and comfort!


We all know the saying, “money can’t buy happiness.” But with these two innovative GPS collars, it sure can buy peace of mind! And while the design and functionality of these two powerful products are important to keep in mind when shopping, the best choice, for many, comes down to cost.

The cost of a Halo Collar may seem steep, but its maintenance plans offer great value for your money. For $599, you can purchase the collar and start taking advantage of its geofencing features and training capabilities. Then, you will be prompted to choose a service package (ranging from $4.49 to $29.99 per month) to enable location services. The monthly plans also unlock a whole new set of bonus features, such as helpful training videos from Cesar Milan himself!

The Fi Dog Collar company, on the other hand, has a unique pricing model that allows owners to save money over the long term. Choose between the Annual Plan ($192/year or $3.70 per week) and Bi-Annual Plan ($336 every two years or $3.20 per week), which pays for both the equipment itself and the GPS services. Opt for the latter and enjoy a 20% discount! Both plans come with a one-time-only activation fee of $20, and no monthly payments are needed – just pre-pay your plan in advance each year (or bi-year) and rest easy knowing there will be no service gaps.

Conclusion – Is Halo or Fi Collar Better?

It’s clear to see that there are both pros and cons to each of these great products, so the best choice for your pup will ultimately be up to you! Do you prefer a low-maintenance collar with a strong battery life and an even tougher design? Then the Fi may be your collar of choice. But if you’d rather invest in a product that puts training at the forefront and offers unique activity-tracking capabilities, the Halo may be a better choice.

Have you tested out the Halo or Fi dog collars with your own pet? If so, what were the results? Let us know in the comments below!

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