Neomow S Robot Mower Review

Robot mowers are continuing to grow in market share in 2023 and that trend seems to show no signs of slowing down. This also means more brands and models to keep track of, which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

To help, we are reviewing the Hookii Neomow S robot mower. This entry into the small robot mower category has some strong features and an attractive price. Below, we’ll take a look at the features and see if the Neomow may be right for your lawn.

Note: There is a newer version of the Neomow robot mower, the Neomow X.

Who Is Hookii

Launched in 2016, Hookii is a cutting-edge robotics technology company that now holds over 300 patents worldwide. After conducting several years worth of customer research, they set out to design the Neomow S.

The goal was to improve upon existing designs as well as add some features that they felt were lacking. They then set out to offer their mower at an affordable price relative to other brands.

Neomow Robot Mower Stats And Features

neomow mower

The category of 1/4 acre mowers now has enough brands and models that certain features are expected in this class of mowers.

The Neomow S checks all those boxes with a strong set of features. One thing we did notice is the charging time is a bit longer than other models we’ve tested at 2.5 hours. We’re not sure why the 4400 mAh batter took so long to charge, although it wasn’t really an issue.

Neomow S Specs:

  • Cutting height –  0.79 inches to 2 inches
  • Cutting width – 7 inches
  • Charge Time – 2.5 hours 
  • Max.Slope – 33%

With the battery the Neomow comes in at just over 30 pounds, making it one of the lighter models we’ve tested in this category. That may be nice for those who need to work with these alone and may not want to deal with a heavier mower when unboxing.

The mower is also waterproof, so hosing down the underside is fine for cleaning. As we’ve found, robot mowers do need more regular cleaning due to cutting head design and smaller size which can quickly clog with clippings.

Neomow S Technology

One of the areas that the Neomow S stands out is that it offers straight-line mowing. No other mower we’ve tested in this category or price range can do that.

Most mowers use a randomized pattern decided upon by an internal algorithm to go about mowing. This results in the mower seemingly moving about without a clear direction.

The Neomow uses a different system and mows in parallel lines based on the perimeter wire, sensor data, and GPS information.

Speaking of perimeter wire, yes, the Neomow S does require a perimeter wire which is standard at this price range.

Overall, the straight-line cutting is unique and we have heard from readers that the random mowing pattern of some robot mowers is a sticking point. So we’re sure there are customers out there who like this improvement.


The Neomow has 2 onboard ultrasonic sensors for object and collision detection. Overall, pretty standard for this price point and they do a good job.

Some newer models from other brands are using cameras and artificial intelligence for more complete obstacle detection, but those mowers are double the price.

There’s also a standard rain sensor on board, so the mower will stop mowing if there’s a surprise shower so it won’t damage your lawn. It will wait a specified amount of time after the rain stops to make sure the lawn is dry before resuming.

Exterior and Styling

The “model S” may be a nod to the well-known and coveted Tesla Model S electric car. The styling of the top cover seems to show some Tesla coup-inspired styling.

Overall, it’s a smooth-looking package without some of the more utilitarian features some other brands have gone with.

There is a convenient control panel on the top with all the needed functions accessible. Everything can also be accessed via a separate phone app.

The phone app worked well and navigation was easy. You can control all the functions from the app and also manage your zones as well.

There is also an anti-theft feature that alerts the app immediately if the mower crosses the boundaries set by the perimeter wire.

neomow cutting lawn

Mowing Performance

The Neomow S lived up to its promise of cutting parallel lines, something that both looks good and is also a bit strange since we’re not used to seeing a robot mower do it.

We tested it on a rectangular lawn so we don’t know how it would react with an irregularly shaped lawn. But Hookii tells us the mower will mow the perimeter in that case first, then run lines inside the perimeter.

You can set the mower to mow daily for a healthy lawn or set your own custom intervals. That’s a nice touch and you can switch between those modes whenever you like.

The mower uses a pre-planned route after the first time mowing. If it detects an obstacle, it will reroute accordingly.

We found the obstacle avoidance to be on par with other mowers in this price range. Very low obstacles just barely above the grass may not be seen. But anything larger is easily spotted and avoided.

Overall, the performance was good for the price range.

Final Impressions of the Neomow S

Starting at under $800 for a 1/4 acre mower makes this one of the more affordable options out there for a small robot mower.

What’s also appealing is the parallel line mowing behavior. Something we haven’t seen at this price point at all. So for those traditionalists who just can’t stand a random mowing pattern, this may be enough to get them to warm up to a robot mower.

This is a new entry to the robot market so warranty and longevity are still not proven. However, Hookii is an established technology company with roots in robotics, so there should be no issues if something were to need to be replaced.

You can find 1/4 acre Husqvarna and Worx robot mower models for a similar price as the Model S. So this can be a pretty competitive price point.

But if you want a sub $1000 mower that mows in parallel lines with sleek styling, the Neomow S is the only game in town.

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