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There is no shortage of lawn care subscriptions that promise to make DIY lawn care both easy and less expensive than using a traditional service. Subscription services offer pre-selected packages of lawn care products that are shipped to your door that you then apply during the appropriate season.

One of these subscription services is Lawnifi, which takes a somewhat different approach than other companies like Sunday. In this review, we’ll look at what Lawnifi has to offer and whether their subscription service may be a good fit for your lawn.

What Is Lawnifi?

Lawnifi is a DIY subscription service launched by Sod Solutions in 2017. Lawnifi used Sod Solutions’ proprietary Catalyst Absorption Technology (CAT). This advanced technology uses smaller fertilizer particles for increased plant uptake and nutrient availability.

This technology has been used previously for commercial use on sod farms and in other agricultural settings. So this unique technology gives Lawnifi an advantage when compared to other lawn care products which may not have the same pedigree and industry-wide use.

Recently, Lawnifi was merged back under the Sod Solutions brand and website, and Lawnifi products can now only be ordered via the Sod Solution website. This may be a bit confusing for customers, so we felt it’s important to point it out.

Lawnifi Customization

Many DIY lawn care subscriptions we’ve tested use a soil test to customize the products that are then sent to you. They also generally use some sort of satellite imagery to determine your lawn size.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to order products without any knowledge of lawn care or how it works.

Lawnifi is aimed at the more knowledgeable homeowner. They don’t use a soil test and instead ask customers to identify their grass type. There’s also no soil test involved or satellite image estimation for your lawn either.

This may seem a bit daunting for those with zero knowledge of lawn care, but Lawnifi still sends you everything you need along with instructions on how and when to apply it.

Lawnifi Packages

The Lawnifi annual bundle is priced between $599 and $699 depending on your grass type. They offer solutions for the following grass:

  • Zoysia Grass
  • St. Augustine
  • Bermudagrass
  • Centipede
  • Bluegrass
  • Fescue

There’s also an option for mixed grass or not knowing which grass type you may have.

Lawnifi offers a complete solution in their annual bundle that includes pest and disease treatments. Services like Sunday don’t offer those treatments at all.

Because of that, we found that Lawnifi can treat problem lawns or those with issues better than some of the other subscription services which focus mainly on fertilization and maintenance.

If weeds, fungus, or pests are a problem with your lawn, the Lawnifi bundle is one of the better DIY subscriptions to address those problems.

Also of note, these disease, weed, and pest treatments used by Lawnifi are custom configured for the type of grass you have.

For example, zoysia grass may be prone to certain diseases in the spring like Pythium root rot. The spring portion of the Lawnifi annual bundle contains their Azoxy 2SC Select product to specifically address these issues and other common issues native to zoysia.

While Lawnifi has a higher annual cost than some other subscriptions, we found they offer a more complete solution at that price which can help address problems with specific lawns.

What You Get In The Lawnifi Annual Bundle

lawnifi lawn box components

The Lawnfi annual bundle will come in three separate shipments which will coincide with spring, summer, and fall. You can also choose to have them all shipped at once if you prefer.


Insect Control: Imidacloprid 2F Select T/I

This may vary depending on the grass type, but all bundles come with an insect control product. This is targeted toward the main pests that infest the type of grass you happen to have.

Weed Prevention: Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper

This is a non-liquid pre-emergent and will need to be spread by hand. All other products sent other than seed or sod is a liquid.

Disease Prevention: Azoxy 2SC Select

This liquid product targets common diseases for the grass you have.

Nutrient Enrichment: Lawnifi Spring Fertilizer Box

Depending on your grass type, this spring fertilizer mix is meant for early-year application and helps grass emerge from a dormant state.

lawnifi application instructions



This summer treatment helps prevent weeds in the fall.

Natural Guard Spinosad RTS

Treatment for sod webworms.

Hi-Yield Bug Blaster Bifenthrin

Formulated to treat summer pests common to most grass types. This means carpenter ants, carpenter bees, fleas, and more.

Lawnifi Summer Fertilizer Box

This fertilizer is specially formulated to help your lawn flourish under the stress of summer heat and sun.


Crabgrass Control Plus 0-0-7 with 0.37% Prodiamine

Preventive application for stopping crabgrass and various weeds.

Natural Guard Spinosad RTS

An additional treatment for webworms.

Azoxy 2SC Select

An additional disease prevention treatment.

Lawnifi Fall Fertilizer Box

Recovery-based fertilizer formula meant to help the grass prepare for winter dormancy.

Individual Options

All of the Lawnifi products are also available separately from any subscription or bundle.

Lawnifi Performance

Performance is always tough to measure with lawncare products since every lawn may be different and one solution often doesn’t work for all situations.

However, the big Lawnifi advantage is that these are commercially tested products used on sod farms and in agricultural settings all around the country.

Some subscription services simply repackage products and the origins are not always clear. Other than Scott’s subscription service, Lawnifi is the only other brand with a clear pedigree behind the products that are sent.

We also found Lawnifi’s products more complete than some recent startup subscription services. Mostly this is due to their far more extensive weed, disease, and pest control options.

For example, their pre-emergent product is a great option and many DIY services only include iron-based products to deal with weeds once they emerge.

The Lawnifi products were all highly effective when paired with the right type of grass. Because of this, Lawnifi is a great choice for those with issues in certain areas that a regular DIY kit may not address

It is important to note though that unlike the trend in organic products with many newer DIY subscription services, these are conventional products.

That means you will need to follow the application and after-care instructions to make sure the area is safe before allowing pets or children to have access to the lawn.

How Lawnifi is Different than Sunday

Lawnifi differs from the popular Sunday lawn care box subscription in several important ways:

  • Lawnifi offers a complete lawn care solution – not just fertilizer
  • Lawnifi is a year round solution – not just Spring and Summer
  • Lawnifi send products that are specific to your grass type
  • Lawnifi uses superior, commercial quality ingredients

Overall Lawnifi Review

While many DIY lawn care subscriptions are often labeled as “no knowledge needed”, Lawnifi bucks the trend slightly.

The products come in both liquid and solid form, which can make application a little more complicated. This means someone with more knowledge of lawn care will be much more comfortable with Lawnifi. A total beginner will likely need to do a little research when each shipment arrives.

However, our package did come with a full-size, color instruction sheet that covered each product and its application. Measuring cups were also included.

What we really liked about the Lawnifi annual bundle is that it comes with a more comprehensive list of products that can treat a variety of needs and issues your lawn will face throughout the year.

This fact combined with the high quality of the ingredients and products justifies Lawnifi’s higher price over comparable DIY services.

Overall, if you are looking for conventional fertilizers and pest control instead of organic, Lawnifi is a great option. The comprehensive product list and high quality should make for a great solution when paired with the right grass.

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