Are any Robot Mowers Made In America?

A Look At The Top Robot Mower Brands And Where They’re From

Robot mowers have gained popularity in recent years, both for their time-saving qualities and also for their eco-friendly attributes.

This means there are new models and even new manufacturers popping up seemingly every few months. While having all that competition is a good thing for consumers, it sometimes makes it hard to keep up with all the changes.

One thing homeowners often ask is if any of these robot mowers are made in America. Several gas-powered mowers and other lawn and garden equipment are made in the U.S., but what about the new robot mowers from these same companies?

Below, we’ll look at the most popular robot mower manufacturers and explain where their products are designed and manufactured.

Stihl Robot Mowers

Stihl has been a name in lawn and garden power equipment for almost a century. Homeowners and professionals both trust their equipment – and for good reason.

Stihl does have a one-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and employs over 2700 employees at that same facility.

In fact, a majority of their gas-powered equipment is made right inside that facility.

But what about their latest iMOW robot mower?

Due to the internal components of the iMOW, these mowers are not made in their American plant.

Instead, most of the manufacturing for their electric mowers is in China or the Philippines. Although, the design and testing of those mowers are done at their headquarters in Waiblingen, Germany. Testing and other design work are also done for the iMOW at their American facility in Virginia Beach.

Being an international brand, Stihl also has manufacturing plants in Austria, Brazil, and Switzerland.

Ambrogio Robot Mowers

These stylish and highly advanced mowers are some of the most unique on the market. For the features you get, they are also priced rather competitively and they also offer one of the widest selections of models from any brand.

If you haven’t guessed by the name, Ambrogio is an Italian robotics company and they are proud of their Italian heritage of stylish design and innovation.

All Ambrogio mowers are designed at their Tuscany facility in Italy and the mowers are also manufactured in Italy.

This allows them to keep a close eye on manufacturing and maintain the standards they intend for their products.

So if you want a piece of that iconic Italian design, check out Ambrogio.

Worx Robot Mowers

Worx products seem to be synonymous with the large American retailer Home Depot, but their products are sold just about everywhere, including Lowes and other home improvement stores.

They have a strong lineup of mowers and they also have some great entry-level mowers for those either on a budget or wanting to test the waters of this new technology.

All of the manufacturing for their Landroid robot mowers is based in Suzhou, China. Worx is a Chinese-based company and is distributed in North America by Positec Tool Corporation.

Husqvarna Robot Mowers

Similar to Stihl, Husqvarna is one of the most recognizable names for power equipment for homeowners and professionals alike. The company is based in Sweden and has a long history of creating high-quality products.

Their most recent product is their line of robot mowers known as the Automower.

These feature-packed and commercial-quality robot mowers are designed in Sweden and built nearby at facilities within the U.K.

Segway – Ninebot Mowers

Segway is one of the original names in consumer robotics and technology. This is due to the release of their original Segway PT scooter which captured headlines around the world in 2001.

They also sell a robot mower known as the Navimow. However, this is a licensed product that uses the brand name Segway – Ninebot USA. The mower is designed by the Chinese company Willand and is also manufactured in China.


MAMMOTION made headlines in 2022 with their Kickstarter campaign for their Luba mower.

While many people may not have heard of MAMMOTION, it shares many of the same backers and designers as DJI, the highly popular drone manufacturer used by film and movie studios around the world.

MAMMOTION is a Chinese company and their products are manufactured at their facilities throughout China.

iRobot Terra Mower

When it comes to robotic home devices, iRobot has great name recognition due to its Roomba brand of robotic floor cleaners and vacuums.

iRobot announced a robot mower named the Terra a few years ago but the project was put on hold. However, there are still plans to release the Terra and it may even be later this year.

No specifics on manufacturing have been released, but their Roomba series robots are made under contract in China, so the Terra will likely be as well.


Robomow mowers are made in the heart of the flourishing Sharon region of northern Israel. They assemble the products in Israel and export them overseas.


EcoFlow is a U.S.- Chinese portable power company that was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs with a background in the drone industry. EcoFlow is headquartered in San Francisco and their factory is located in Shenzen, China, where over 80% of the world’s batteries and computer chips are made. The EcoFlow Blade mower is made in Shenzen.

Yard Force

Yard Force robot mowers are manufactured by Sumec Hardware & Tools Company, established in 1978 in Nanjing, China. It is a well-known company specializing in garden tools and power tools production. The manufacturer has a production facility with 26000 square meters of floor space. Its manufacturing plant makes garden tools, gasoline products, power tools, pressure washers, plastic injection, and machining centers.

EvaTech TREX

The name TREX stands for Terrestrial Robot Explorer, and one look at this machine and you’ll understand why.

With heavy-duty tank-like tracks and a beefy all-steel frame, this mower is mostly built for commercial use. However, for those with large properties that contain a lot of difficult brush areas to maintain, this may be perfect.

The TREX uses a hybrid power system, so it has a gas engine for the mower part but propulsion is handled by a separate electrical system.

Due to its design, the TREX can handle slopes of up to 50 degrees and even up to 60 degrees depending on the ground conditions. So this machine can handle just about any terrain. It even has a snow plow attachment and a shark tooth attachment for cutting down trees.

All that power and versatility doesn’t come cheap though, with a retail price of almost $30,000 it can be pricey. However, EvaTech sells smaller units for just under $4,000, which is competitive with heavy-duty commercial units from other brands.

EvaTech is a U.S.-based company in Port Richey, Florida and they design and build the TREX and all their robotic mowers in the United States.

American Made Robot Mowers

Robot mowers have truly become an international affair. With brands like Ambrogio being designed and built in Italy or the EvaTechs being built in the United States, there is no shortage of robot mowers for those in the market looking to test this new technology.

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