5 Best Robot Mowers for Schools, City Parks, and Sports Fields

Robot lawn mowers have been becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. The prices have come down and the features have gone up recently, making them a tempting investment for homeowners who want automated mowing solutions.

But it’s not just homeowners, commercial properties and large public areas like schools and sports fields are also starting to use robot mowers to handle regular mowing duties.

Automated mowing with an electric mower is often quieter than traditional mowers on public property, which can be a plus for spaces like schools. These mowers can also run at night, so there is no disruption to certain activities that may have to take place on the surface during the day, such as sporting events or practice.

Below, we’ll look at the top robot mowers that are being used for large commercial and public properties and how they stack up against each other.

Belrobotics Bigmow

Belrobotics is a Belgium-based robotics company and their Bigmow line of robot mowers are currently being used at prominent soccer fields and universities in several different countries.

These commercial-grade robot mowers can handle up to 5 acres each. This means they handle several times the area of most household robot mowers.

The Bigmow also allows for each mower to be wirelessly connected to each other, which then causes them to work as a team and mow areas faster. Pairing each mower is easy and can be done via the mower’s control panel or with the companion app running on any phone or table.

These are already in use at several well-known soccer fields in Europe so they are proven to work and provide excellent mowing.

Belrobotics Bigmow mowers do use a guide wire, which they install. There is no option for a user-installed guidewire or DIY option. Belrobotics does this to maintain the quality and performance of its products and make sure the installation is done correctly.

Many public or commercial properties like this fact as it offers them a turnkey solution without the need to worry about guide wire installation.

Belrobotics Bigmow Specs:

Price: $22k – $26k each

  • 5 floating cutting heads with 15 blades
  • Cutting width – 103 cm 
  • 5 individual sonar sensors for safety
  • 5-acre capacity per mower
  • GPS guidance available for geofencing

Husqvarna CEORA

Just launched in January of 2023, Husqvarna has a new line of commercial mowers they call CEORA.

Building on their success with the Automow line of mowers, the CEORA line is dedicated to large green areas such as sports fields and large public or commercial areas.

The CEORA line boasts up to 18 acres of mowing coverage per unit. However, that depends on the cutting quality selected. For example, cutting for sports-specific areas has reduced coverage per charge. Less precise cutting, like say for a park, can go longer.

CEORA’s big advantage is the use of virtual boundaries using their EPOS guidance system. This allows for an unlimited number of virtual boundaries to be set up within a given property. Each area can have its own mowing setting or be excluded from mowing altogether.

Overall, this is a strong entry from one of the biggest names in commercial lawn equipment. Availability is somewhat limited at the moment due to the recent launch, but more units are arriving soon.

CEORA Specs:

Price: $32,800 per unit

  • 3 disc cutting heads with 5 blades each
  • Cutting height – .8 inches to 2.8 inches
  • Cutting width – 26.8 inches
  • Coverage – Up to 18 acres
  • GPS and EPOS guidance and tracking
  • Capable of parallel cutting rows

ECHO Robotics TurfMower Series

The ECHO Robotics TurfMower series of robot mowers were originally designed for golf courses, but they also work perfectly with any large grass area.

The series of mowers consists of two separate mowers, the TM-1000, and the TM-2000. The TM-2000 is the big brother of the two and essentially doubles the range and other specs of the smaller TM-1000.

For example, the TM-1000 has a range of 3 acres, while the TM-2000 has a range of 6 acres. The TM-2000 is also physically much larger, so the added range isn’t just due to a larger battery. The TM-2000 travels faster and mows faster than the smaller version.

The TM-2000 also has a cutting width of just over 40 inches compared to the 24 inches of the TM-1000.

Like the previous commercial mowers for large areas, these can be combined to work as a team by using the ECHO Robotics app or using the onboard control panel. You can also set up as many virtual boundaries or geofencing locations as you like.

ECHO Robotics also sells a robot golf ball collector based on the TM-2000 which can be used at driving ranges to pick up golf balls. A great combination if you’re already using the mowers to help with mowing.

As for installation, ECHO uses a similar model to Belrobotics and offers professional installation of the guidewire and mower. Installation only takes one day and everything is tested by their staff before completing the installation.

ECHO Robotics has a strong reputation and is one of the leaders in the area of large-area robot mowers.

ECHO Robotics TM-200 Specs:

Price: – $16,500

  • Range – Up to 6 acres
  • Cutting height – .08 inches to 3.9 inches
  • Cutting Width – 24 inches or 40 inches depending on model
  • 3-5 cutting heads depending on the model – 2 blades per cutting head

Ambrogio L400i Deluxe

Coming from Italy, Ambrogio has one of the largest lineups of any robot mower company. With over 40 models, there is something for almost every lawn size and situation you can imagine.

Besides the lengthy lineup, Ambrogio is most well-known for its unique styling, and their L400i Deluxe model is a perfect example. Despite being a commercial quality mower, the design is obviously inspired by F1 race cars, with plentiful curves, a carbon fiber body, and car-like tires. It’s a rather striking design and one that sets itself apart from other commercial mowers.

But Ambrogio’s mowers are more than just looks. These mowers are designed in Italy and also built in Ambrogio’s factory located in Italy as well. This allows them to keep a close eye on quality and product development.

The L400i boasts a range of just under 5 acres, making it suitable for larger grass areas on commercial or public properties. The mower can run for about half a day on just one charge, and after charging, it can immediately resume cutting.

The L400i uses a guide wire and buyers can install it themselves or use a contractor suggested by Ambrogio. The unit also features a very nice touchscreen with a protective UV cover. This allows access to all the controls right from the mower itself.

The L400i also has a companion app, which can be used to set up boundaries and exclusion zones.

The L400i is not meant for pairing with other units to work as a team, so the grass area should be limited to what one mower can handle.

Overall, the L400i from Ambrogio is by far the most stylish commercial robot mower we’ve ever seen. But it also boasts advanced features to go with those looks and a great name to back it up.

L400i Deluxe Specs:

Price: $17,000

  • Range – 4.9 acres
  • Run time – 11 hours
  • Cutting width – 30 inches
  • 8 virtual cutting zones + main zone
  • Guide wire perimeter
  • 25-degree maximum slope

URS Robot NEXMOW Robot Mower

The NEXMOW mowers are smaller than our other mowers on this list, but that is because you can link up to 10 of them to all work together. This allows for a lower entry price and the ability to scale up if needed.

The units use 4G and GPS RTK technology for guidance. For maximum accuracy, the mowers need to have access to both a 4G signal and the RTK signal. If not, it will still work, but with reduced accuracy regarding the property perimeter.

NEXMOW also offers a unique pricing structure where customers can opt for a monthly subscription price of $589 per month with an option to buy at the end of the 12-month period. It’s a unique pricing model and one that other companies don’t offer.

You can also purchase the NEXMOW mower upfront.

NEXMOW Robot Mower Specs:

Price: – $8,500

  • Cutting width – 13.8 inches
  • Cutting height – 1.5 to 4 inches
  • Sonar sensors and 5mp camera
  • Mow in parallel lines optional
  • 6 hours run time
  • Pair up to 10 units to work together


Those are our top 5 commercial robot mowers for larger properties. We tried to include a mix of price ranges and performance to accommodate most needs.

Overall, the right robot mower can result in considerable savings for larger properties like sports fields and public parks or schools. These mowers cost less than garden tractors and are generally less expensive to run and maintain. That makes for an attractive combination to many property owners and municipalities looking to save on landscaping costs.

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