6 Best Remote Control Slope Mowers

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If you have a property with steep slopes, you already know it’s way too dangerous and/or exhausting to attempt to mow it with a riding mower, push mower, or weed eater.  can be backbreaking work and extremely difficult. In this situation, it’s best to take advantage of the tech in the lawn care industry.

The first thing that comes to mind is likely a robot mower, but they are often limited in their ability to handle slopes, rough terrain, and high grass.  Instead, your best option is likely to use a remote-controlled slope mower.

Many remote-control mowers are specifically designed to tackle hills and slopes. But, to find the best model for your needs, you’ll want to carefully consider the wheel design, fuel type, and cost. Here’s everything you need to know about remote control slope mowers, including the best models available.

What Is a Remote Control Slope Mower

Just like a remote control car from your childhood, you operate remote control mowers using radio waves. A remote control makes the entire mow job easier and drastically improves safety, especially on hills and slopes.

You’ll find two main types of remote-control mowers:  rubber track slope mowers and wheel mowers. Rubber track slope mowers can climb due to their rubber grip, making them ideal for almost any terrain. This slope mower works on hillsides, steep inclines, wetlands, marshes, embankments, and roadways. Wheel lawnmowers are quite the opposite, as they are designed for quick mowing on level terrain or modest hills. Therefore, if you have a slope to tackle, rubber track slope mowers are your best bet.

A remote control slope mower can safely mow rugged terrain that would be nearly impossible to accomplish on a riding mower. Unfortunately, they also have a high price point, even for professionals. You can find these specialty mowers online or ask your local lawn care store whether they stock them. Some of the most popular brands include Tracmow, Agria, Evatech, Green Climber, RC mowers, and Spider.

How to Know the Maximum Slope in Your Yard

Before shopping for a slope mower, you must establish what degree of slope you need to tackle. You can accomplish this goal with a few stakes, a measuring tape, and a string.

A slope’s gradient is the ratio of height to horizontal distance. To determine the slope gradient, divide the rise in vertical height over a horizontal distance by the distance and convert the number to a percentage. For example, a height difference of 10ft every 100ft results in a gradient of 10 ÷ 100, or 10%. Measuring slope angles precisely can be challenging. But, even if your numbers aren’t exact, they should help you at least discover a slope mower in the range you need.

The Best Remote Control Slope Mowers

These heavy-duty devices can navigate steep hills and cut through dense vegetation without additional assistance. They can even maneuver into tight or dangerous areas that may be too precarious for you to cut otherwise. Here are the best remote control slope mowers you can find.

TracMow 80 EVO

The TracMow 80 EVO will keep you or your mowing crew off steep slopes. Trackmow remote control slope mowers are powerful machines designed for steep slopes and rough terrain. This mower was designed to fit easily into a standard truck bed, eliminating the need for any additional trailers. A single operator can clear entire slopes safely by standing up to 650 feet away using the mower’s remote, which controls all mower functions, including starting the engine, adjusting the mower deck, and turning on the headlights. With the available add-ons, the TracMow 80 EVO can also be used for spraying, trimming, and snow removal.

Cutting Width: 32-inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 55°

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: 650 ft

Cost: $36,500

Spider ILD02

Spider remote-control slope mowers have excellent mobility and safety features, allowing you to operate swiftly and safely on any slope. The Spider ILD02 is lighter, more compact, and agile, making it simple to load and use in confined locations. It includes a blade brake device that prevents the blades from spinning when the operator’s hand releases the remote control. It also has a low center of gravity, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and a cutting deck that you can easily raise and lower. Safety features include an emergency stop switch, a safety seat, and a roll bar. The Spider ILD02 is a flexible piece of equipment built to tackle even the most difficult terrain, making it an excellent choice for any domestic or commercial slope mowing application.

Cutting Width: 48.5-inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 55°

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: A little over 300 ft

Cost: $39,000

Green Climber LV600

The Green Climber LV600 is a remote-controlled slope mower well-suited for mowing large areas. While most mowers are meant solely for cutting grass, this beast of a mower can mow down trees up to 6 inches and can also be used for leaf mulching, snow removal, and planting. The LV600 has a rollover prevention and fall arrest system, modern safety measures, a large fuel tank, and an extended working time for longer mowing sessions between recharging. The top speed is 10 mph. Its small dimensions and low weight distribution allow it to go through narrow passageways easily. It produces a crisp and uniform finish even on steep grades, making it suitable for organizations with extensive amounts of land to maintain. The hefty price tag makes the LV600 a considerable investment. However, its efficiency in slope maintenance will minimize labor expenses and prevent dangers caused by physical effort on rugged terrain, making it the perfect commercial remote control slope mower.

Cutting Width: 59-inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 60°

Fuel Type: Diesel

Remote Range: 500 ft

Cost: $90,000

TK-52XP from RC Mowers

RC mowers are high-quality remote-control slope mowers designed to make mowing steep slopes safe and efficient. The TK-52XP is RC Mowers’ bestselling option. It is designed to navigate and mow over the toughest terrain, including hillsides, steep inclines, wetlands, retention ponds, embankments, or even landfill slopes. Conveniently, it fits on a standard landscape trailer. Its blades can handle brush up to 1.5 inches in diameter, mows 2.2 acres per hour, and has a speed of up to 4.5mph. It is also equipped with advanced safety features that enhance operator safety and controllability. With the TK-52XP, you’ll get a two-year (up to 400 hours of mow time) warranty. Additionally, this is one of the few companies offering remote-control slope mowers that are American-made.

Cutting Width: 52-inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 50°

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: 1000 ft

Cost: $63,000

Agria 9600

While Agria mowers have been widely used throughout Europe for the last decade, the Agria 9600 has recently come to the US and is an excellent choice for a slope mower. It is a flexible remote-controlled mower that can handle slopes up to 55 degrees, making it ideal for challenging terrains. The Agria 9600 has a sturdy frame, adjustable track width, and a powerful engine that can effectively cut through difficult grass and small brush. Its remote control technology enables precision navigation, ensuring that the mower properly follows the contours of the terrain. At the same time, its heavy-duty tracks help it work in extreme conditions, including mud. The German engineering, construction quality, engine capabilities, and accurate remote control make it appealing for professional landscapers, large property owners, and municipalities wishing to maintain and mow rugged terrain.

Cutting Width: 44-inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 55°

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: 900 ft

Cost: $55,000

Evatech TREX

The Evatech TREX is an impressive robotic remote control lawn mower designed and manufactured in the US. The TREX is user-friendly, dependable, simple, and sturdy. It offers comprehensive remote control functions for starting, stopping, motion control, and blade deployment, making it ideal for working on risky, steep slopes. It also features Evatech’s exclusive propulsion technology and uses a hybrid power system with a long battery life. The strength and durability of the TREX make it multifunctional, tackling tricky slopes while also having the ability to be modified for snow removal and agricultural uses. The TREX is among the most trustworthy and powerful remote-controlled lawnmowers available, providing outstanding value for money.

Cutting Width: 36-inches

Slope Capacity: 40°-50°

Power Type: Hybrid Electric

Cost: $30,000

Buying a Remote Control Slope Mower

Remote control slope mowers are heavy-duty machines that help keep hilly landscapes looking sharp while staying safe. But it is understandable if you’ve got a bit of sticker shock. But if you are professionally maintaining steep slopes regularly, purchasing a remote control slope mower is definitely worth the investment.

If you need a slope mower, you need to speak with an expert before making such a large purchase. Fill out this form and we’ll get back in touch to help you make the right decision.

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