6 Best Beach Carts to Make Hauling Gear Easier

Going to the beach is on everyone’s mind during the summer months and who doesn’t look forward to a day of sand, surf, and swimming?  The answer to the question might be— whoever must carry all the beach gear from the car to your beach spot. Let’s face it, especially with a family, a trip to the beach means a ton of stuff from blankets and towels to coolers and chairs.  Add some toys for the kids and the sunscreen and snacks, and you’re looking at a pile of things to haul from the parking lot to the beach. At the peak of the season, when lots of people want to cool off, that can mean a long haul. The best solution is a well-designed, durable beach cart. Here are six we think you will like best. 


wheelez beach cart

The Wheeleez Beach Cart is probably the most famous beach wagon due to it’s high quality and rugged construction. It is a great solution to transport all your beach gear over soft sand in one trip. It is especially useful for transporting beach essentials such as beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, coolers, toys, and other accessories. It is easy to travel with or store because the handle bar and kickstand fold and the wheels and axles can be removed without tools for compact storage and transporting.

My Beach Cart

This no-rust, marine-grade aluminum cart folds easily and takes up less room in your trunk than some other models. The balloon tires come off and the handle slides down. The dimensions of the original package are 30 x 16 x 10 inches and the folded cart is similar in size. The set up is easy and the cart lightweight, weighing only 18 lbs., but very sturdy.

The handle has a comfort-grip and can be adjusted to your desired height.  Dimensions are 27.05” x 29.53” x 42.8” when expanded so it will hold a lot ( up to 165 lbs). There’s a convenient zipper pouch for towels, toys, and sunscreen. Add your cooler and chairs to the cargo deck and use the 2 extra-long and easily adjustable, buckle straps to secure everything in place.

The problem with many wagons is the wheel design. Tires often work fine on pavement but bog down in deep sand especially if you are carrying a lot of weight. The big 13-inch pneumatic balloon tires make My Beach Cart great for rolling on the beach or the road.

Hikenture Collapsible Wagon with Cargo Net

The Hikenture was designed for garden or beach use. Made from stainless steel, this wagon folds down to just 13″x8.8″x 24.4″ so fitting in the car isn’t a problem. Our camping wagon is cleverly designed with a fully collapsible construction and is super easy to set up and fold down in a matter of seconds. Equipped with a flexible telescoping handle, our foldable cart fits people of different sizes comfortably. The handle is in length adjustable and 360-degree rotatable, making the grocery wagon super easy to pull, turn and maneuver.

The stainless-steel construction and extra wide design hold up to any terrain and the special, larger 4” tires with an anti-slip surface are designed for sand, grass, or rougher surfaces. with a unique anti-slip pattern. The wheels of our beach cart are significantly wider than similar beach carts, resulting in much better steering. The dual front wheels are 360-degree rotatable for easy maneuvering and the wagon has brakes, which many other don’t. This means loading up while you are parked on a hill isn’t a problem.

The storage areas are deep and wide with 7 cubic feet capacity, which means 5-7 times of a 20-inch suitcase. Weight load can be as much as 220lbs. That means you can pack the cooler without worrying about the weight. Load everything up and secure your gear with the handy cargo net, and you are off to the beach, or park, or garden.

Kings Trek Beach Cart

The Kings Trek Beach Cart works for camping or gardening, but it’s an excellent beach cart due its foldable design and huge 12-inch balloon tires. Folding is easy and the cart fits well in any car trunk.  The larger sized wheels means they have more contact with the sand which makes pulling the cart through the sand much easier.  So does the cushioned, adjustable handle you can expand to from 33.1-inch to 49.8-inch height.

 The cart comes with an adjusting wrench, air pump for the tires, a removable carry and storage bag plus an attached mesh bag for sandy toys and towels. You also get two handy tie down straps and an inflatable strap. The cargo deck has a capacity of 20.1” x 14.6” and 165 lbs. The deck is rust free and protected by foam cushioning. It can fit your cooler and lounge chair and even a beach umbrella. The entire cart is made from high strength aircraft aluminum with surface anodic oxidation technology to prevent rust or corrosion from salt water. The cart weighs 22 lbs. so it’s sturdy but easy to store in the garage when it’s not in use.

RollX Beach Cart

The RollX Beach Cart folds and opens in a couple of seconds so loading and unloading are easy.  The cart has four wheels, two standard and two giant, 13” air-filled tires. You get an air pump with the cart to keep tires properly inflated. To roll the cart on sand or rough ground, you just tip it onto the big wheels like you would a person grocery cart.

The cart comes in three fun colors, orange, blue, or seafoam green and holds everything you would need for a day at the beach.  The overall size when open is 37” x 41.85” x 37.8” and there are a series of bags and compartments to organize your gear. There’s a main compartment of bag plus a side pocket for a beach umbrellas, and smaller back pockets for other necessities like sunscreen, snacks and drinks.

 The frame of the cart is made from heavy duty steel and the handle has a comfort grip. Maximum weight for cargo is 100 lbs. which is less than some but you can haul all the chairs, towels, umbrellas, toys, and accessories you need.    

Sorin Heavy Duty Foldable Beach Cart

The Sorin Outdoor Heavy Duty Collapsible Foldable Beach Cart is a true pull wagon style with a large open cargo area like you have with a little red wagon. It has four 9-inch balloon tires ideal for the beach, garden, or even uneven terrain like a campground.

Set up is very easy. You don’t need to assemble anything or put the wheels on it. It folds again so that it fits in the trunk or garage for storage.  When folded the dimensions are 13 inches length 9 inches width x 32 inches height. When opened for use it’s 36 inches length x 18 inches width x 24 inches height. The handle adjusts to make towing it easy for anyone. The front two wheels are close together making turning and pivoting a cinch. The back wheels are wider apart, giving the cart stability. 

The materials are strong steel framework in black, heavy-duty all-weather fabric in blue that won’t tear from use and gray balloon tires that stand up to miles of use.

The wagon can be cleaned easily with a garden hose, is durable and will come in handy for more than beach trips. 

Strolee Large Wheeled Collapsible Beach Cart

The Strolee cart is ideal for the softest sand. It has the large wheels ideal for the beach  But at only 15 lbs, it also weighs less than many carts so it won’t sink. This cart needs  no assembly.  It’s made of rust-free aluminum and is ready to go right out of the box.  Choose from five fun colors, gray, camo, blush, pearl blue, or westerly sunset orange.   You can fit a lot on the cart despite its lighter weight. There’s a pouch for the umbrella or fishing poles, oversized cup holders, flip-flop hangers and a removable beach bag that  hangs from the front handle. There’s a rack for the cooler, a place for folding chairs. There  are two utility hooks at the back to hang anything from extra bags to shoes and toys. The  heavy-duty front casters roll across the sand easily and the back wheels have rubber strips  to help you ride quietly over blacktop and stones. Tip the cart onto the big wheels when you hit the sand.  The front wheels also lock so your cart won’t roll as you are loading it.   When you are done for the day, collapsing the cart is fast. You push two buttons and you are done. It will fit in even the smallest trunk, where it can stay until the next adventure.  

Make Your Beach Outing More Enjoyable with a Cart Made for the Sand

So, if you are headed to the beach this summer, and don’t want to haul all the gear on your back, consider getting one of these beach carts. As the temperature rises, and more people head for the water, you may have to walk a long way from your car to the beach. You may want a couple of chairs, an umbrella, blanket, towels and a cooler. That’s too much to carry in one trip without a cart. If you have a couple of kids, who want to bring boogie boards, sand toys, and snacks, a cart with wheels designed for the sand will help you get everything they want to your favorite beach spot.

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