6 Best Lawn Mowing Masks

lawn mowing dust mask

While some people think to protect their ears when they mow their lawns, most don’t consider protecting their throats, sinuses, and lungs. When you mow, you kick up everything from dirt and grass particles to pollen. If you have allergies, what you breathe in while mowing can be especially problematic. Even if you don’t have allergies, if you live anywhere in the country subject to smoke from wildfires or any other cause of poor air quality, you may want to wear a mask whenever you work outside.  It’s also just not healthy to breathe in all the small particles that include fertilizer, grass particles and dust, all of which are irritants. You may cough and sneeze or even get a headache if you mow your lawn without a face covering of some kind. While any mask is better than nothing, here are some dust masks we have found that work well for lawn mowing.

Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask

achiou mowing mask

This is an inexpensive option that is comfortable to wear while mowing your lawn. The material is thin but keeps out grass and pollen while also protecting your face and neck from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. It also wicks and absorbs sweat, keeping your face dryer. It’s durable and reusable. Just throw it in the washer regularly.

This gaiter works for all kinds of activities from gardening to biking and it comes it a variety of fun patterns and colors from camo to light blue and white. When you don’t need to protect your lungs, just wear the piece around your neck. Pulling it up into place is easy. You can also use this product as head protection, so it’s handy to have all year round. It’s great for keeping sweat out of your eyes during hot, outdoor activities.

Astro AI Face Mask DM3PN

astro face mask

The Astro mask, which is made from blue, premium nylon, not only keeps allergens and irritants out of your lungs, its exhaustion valves ventilate the air so you breathe easier than with some other masks. The air feels fresher. The mask is form-fitting and contains an effective, four-layer carbon filter and nose clip which help keep debris out.

If you wear glasses, even sunglasses, you have experienced the frustration of steamed up lenses. The soft and comfortable, adjustable nose clip helps prevent steamy glasses. You won’t have to try to see through fog while lawn mowing.

The mask is hand washable and the filters replaceable, so you will have this product for a long time. When you buy the DM3PN, you receive seven extra carbon filters, plus some extra nose pads and vent valves. Putting the mask in place and keeping it there is easy using the Velcro ear straps. and you don’t need to adjust it in any other way to fit your face. Once it is place, the mask doesn’t move around.  

RZ mask

rz mask

The internationally patented RZ masks come in several versions for different uses. For example, the original, M1, is made from neoprene like wetsuits and works great for cold weather. The M2 is nylon and mesh which works better for hot weather activities like lawn mowing. It’s easy to slip on an off your face because it secures with a single back strap that fits at the back of the neck.

RZ masks have the best filtration system, blocking out 99.9% of airborne particles as small as .1 microns. The RZ uses replaceable, HEPA air purifying filters like are used in hospital and hotel air conditioners and room purifiers. The nose piece keeps your glasses from fogging and the dual, one-way exhalation valves keeps your air fresh and the mask dry.

The masks come in eight colors and three sizes. Colors include red, pink, black, flames, light blue, navy, and safety green/yellow. Choose between medium, large, and extra-large.  You get one mask, two filters, and a storage bag. The M2 is perfect for yard work and woodworking.

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6300

For people with severe outdoor allergies, the 3M 6300 might be a good choice. A respirator does more than gators when it comes to filtering particles. This one has a superior seal and replaceable filters, so not much gets into your lungs.  The 3M respirator was approved by NIOSH for use around high dust levels or fumes so it certainly will do a good job of protecting you from debris while you mow your lawn.

 It has a tight seal on the face even if you have a beard or mustache, but is pretty comfortable to wear and easy to take off and put back on, which you might tend to do while doing yardwork. It’s adjustable, to accommodate all sorts of face and nose shapes. The fit also prevents glasses from fogging up when you get hot.

 The mask costs more than gators and disposable masks, but it also lasts a long time. You can disassemble it and clean it as often as you want, and changing the disposable filters is fast and easy. While often used in shops and factories, the 3M respirator is great for lawn mowing, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities.

Amston N95 Disposable Dust Mask

We are all used to wearing disposable dust masks after the COVID 19 pandemic, and they also work great for lawn cutting. While these Amston N95s are disposable, they are well made with a multi-layer filtration system that effectively filters out dust, pollen, and other debris.

 This N95 is comfortable with two (latex free) elastic cloth straps that wrap around the head for a secure fit. The domed shape helps you breathe more freely than flat masks that block your nose when you take breath in. The nose clip prevents glasses from steaming up. They come 20 to a pack, plenty to get you through the lawn mowing season. Disposable masks cost less and can be used for everything from germ blocking to woodworking and painting.

Base Camp Dust Mask Respirator

This Base Camp respirator filters 99.4% of gas, dust, pollen, odors, allergens and irritants. It uses EAPI technology and advanced nanotechnology. The six-layer filter keeps out anything that will irritate your lungs, nose, and throat. The one-way valves efficiently exhaust heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture so your face stays cooler and drier and you breathe more easily. The nose clip helps with the fit and prevents foggy glasses.

The current respirator model has an updated fit system that combines hook and loop bands and elastic bans you can easily adjust so that the fit on your neck is more comfortable. The activated carbon filters are replaceable and the rest of the mesh mask and valves washable. This is a great choice for any outdoor activities like mowing, running, or cycling. It also is recommended for use around wood shops or painting.

These Lawn Mowing Masks Help Protect You

So, whether you choose disposable N95s, gators, or reusable respirators and masks with replaceable filters, using something to block allergens and irritants while you mow the lawn is a good idea, especially if you have allergies or asthma.  It becomes even more important to wear protection when air quality declines due to the heat index or nearby (and sometimes not so nearby) forest fires.

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