Greenworks vs EGO vs RYOBI – Battery Platform Review

In the past, homeowners were loyal to different power tool or lawn equipment brands because they had a good experience with them. Those brands either worked for them or they simply liked the design of the tools and the equipment.

But as more equipment has gone electric, your choice of brands is much more than just preference. Buying into a brand also means buying into its battery ecosystem.

Being able to swap batteries across different pieces of equipment and tools helps keep your costs down and also means you generally always have at least a few charged batteries on hand to take care of that last-minute project or lawn touch-up.

This also means that once you choose a brand of tools or lawn equipment, you generally have to stick with it otherwise you’ll have to invest in all new batteries, especially if you’ve already built up a nice inventory.

To help you decide which platform may be best for you, we’ll go over the battery systems from Greenworks, EGO, and RYOBI so you can decide which of these three might be best for you.

RYOBI Battery System

RYOBI recently overhauled its lineup of batteries to increase performance across its many different platforms.

What helps RYOBI stand out is the sheer number of tools and equipment that can be used with each of its battery systems. This number rivals both Greenworks and EGO. So for overall compatibility, RYOBI is the winner.

RYOBI’s batteries are broken down into four levels and each is compatible with the equipment related to that level.

The levels are:

USB Lithium

This is RYOBI’s latest battery system and it’s also their smallest. It’s a 2Ah lithium-ion battery that is meant for smaller devices like their newly released rotary tool.

When this battery line first was announced there were 6 new tools that were also released. As RYOBI usually does, 5 more tools have been released for the system including two cordless ratchets and even a foam cutter for arts and crafts or fabrication.

The batteries charge via USB-C, which is a nice touch as some other smaller battery systems are still on older USB versions, which can be harder to find if your new gadgets are all on USB-C.

Overall, this is an interesting new line from RYOBI and has some unique tools to go along with it. The only downside is these are a bit on the pricey side for the size and we would like to see them come down a little to make for a better value.

18V One+

These are the batteries for most hand tools in the RYOBI lineup and according to the company, the brushless motors used, the electronic control circuitry, and the battery technology have all been engineered to work together to provide increased performance.

When this battery system was released, 6 new additional tools were also released, including an impact driver. The total number of tools now compatible with the 18V One+ system is 280.

40V System

This is RYOBI’s lawn and garden battery system. Their extensive lineup has everything from ice augers to push mowers and more. As of now, there are over 80 products that can use the 40V battery system.

RYOBI also offers a Whisper Series which is a subset of their 40V lineup and offers equipment specifically designed to run quieter but without any loss of power or performance.

We’ve tried several of these including the 40V push mower and there is a noticeable reduction in sound, mostly from the brushless motor.

Overall, this is a highly-rated battery system and the amount of equipment it works with is extensive.

80V System

This is truly where gas performance is matched by electricity. RYOBI’s powerful 80V system works with larger equipment like riding mowers and zero-turn mowers that are all-electric.

What’s surprising about this system is that despite the power, it can still be charged quickly from a typical 120V outlet. A full charge takes just under 1.5 hours, which is pretty amazing considering one 80V battery has 100 lithium-ion cells inside.

Another cool feature is that their 80V mowers have a slot to accept 40V batteries you may already have. The mowers cannot run on these 40V batteries alone, but they extend the run time considerably.

It’s a great idea and a way for users to get more utility out of their 40V batteries if they happen to buy an 80V mower.

Greenworks Battery Platform

The Greenworks battery system is also broken down into four groups. But being a relatively newer company compared to RYOBI, they have a much smaller lineup of compatible equipment, but it still covers almost every category.

24V System

This is Greenwork’s smallest system but it can still be used in their smaller mowers, even with only one batter. However, these are best for smaller lawns. There are 48V options that use two batteries which are best for most average lawn sizes.

Overall, there are just over 100 products compatible with the Greenworks 24V system.

40V System

This is a typical 40V system similar to other brands. There are 60 tools and pieces of equipment compatible with the 40V system and it includes larger equipment like augers and snow blowers.

Overall, a standard system that is affordably priced with good performance and a decent warranty. 

60V System

The 60V system is what helps the Greenworks platform stand out. It’s enough power to get you into much larger equipment like riding mowers, yet it’s less expensive than the 80V platform which is usually needed for such large equipment.

There’s also an extensive lineup of combinations for those who are just getting into the Greenworks ecosystem. Everything from single tools and batteries to large combos including up to 6 batteries, blowers, mowers, and an edger.

The combos do allow you to save considerable money when getting into the ecosystem although they do require an investment. So make sure you are ready to commit to Greenworks before taking the plunge.

80V System

The 80V system with Greenworks doesn’t have any larger riding mowers built just for it. But you do get much more power and extended run times out of your mowers and other tools in this lineup.

If you need a larger riding mower, you will be better off going with RYOBI as their 80V system is better in that regard. But for smaller lawns, the 60V system should have you covered.

EGO Battery System

The EGO battery system received an overhaul and is all new. EGO goes a different route and only uses a 56V ARC battery. This same battery runs all of their equipment, which totals about 70 products ranging from leaf blowers to riding mowers.

The different batteries are differentiated by their amp hours and range from 2.5 to 10Ah. All the other competing battery systems also have different amp-hour batteries, but EGO chooses to go with one voltage across their entire line.

This is an interesting concept and it does make their lineup one of the easiest to understand to follow. Basically, all batteries will work in all their tools. 

One thing is that EGO batteries are fully engineered from the ground up. That means even the physical exterior design was built to increase performance. The batteries are shaped in a way that allows the cells to be fanned out, which dissipates heat.

Heat is one thing that harms your battery, so letting that heat escape is a big plus. That’s just one feature, but it shows these are not typical lithium-ion batteries and are instead a true battery platform built from the ground up.

That also means EGO has a premium price and these batteries are priced higher than comparable systems and equipment. The tools are quality though and because of the uniform 56V across all tools, the power is there no matter what unit you buy.

Greenworks vs RYOBI vs EGO Final Review

What’s nice about these systems is that they each fill a unique niche and offer different things to different customers.

For versatility and quality, you can’t beat RYOBI. They have so many tools in their lineup and with their new USB lithium line, they are offering tools for hobbyists and various crafts. 

RYOBI is also a trusted name. Based in Japan, they’ve been making tools and equipment for over 70 years. Greenworks and EGO are both relatively new in comparison.

Greenworks is a great economical option. You can get more power from their 60V system and still be at an economical price point.

Despite not having quite as many tools as RYOBI, they still have a great lineup that should fit almost anyone’s needs.

Finally, there’s EGO. This is a premium battery system that has power as the main selling point. There are no 24V or 18V options to worry about. Everything powered by their ARC battery will have true gas power.

We have heard reports of the early batteries seemingly failing at exactly the 3-year mark. So this relates to batteries originally sold by EGO 3 years ago. This may have just been a manufacturing issue early on and has been corrected.

However, EGO does have a good warranty policy and the batteries claimed in the warranty period were all replaced without issue.

But overall, depending on what you need and what’s most important to you, there should be a battery system out there to match your needs.

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