5 Best Cordless Lawn Edgers

If you’re reading this, it likely means you love the look of a cleanly edged-lawn. The perfect borders really add a finishing touch to the rest of your landscaping efforts.

But this edging does take extra work, and it’s work that sometimes we avoid due to the hassles. One of those hassles is dealing with an edger that is cumbersome or difficult to operate. This can be due to it being corded and having to lug out your longest extension cord. It can also be because the eger is too heavy or otherwise is just uncomfortable.

Finding a great edger that’s easy to use means you’ll be more likely to put that finishing touch on your lawn each time. Below, we’ll share our top cordless edgers to help you find the perfect solution to help keep your lawn looking its best.

EGO+ Power 8-inch Edger

Price: $300 (power head and edger)

EGO makes some very nice lawn and garden products and one feature that many people like is the simplicity of their battery system. Unlike other brands which have different voltage tiers for different products, all EGO products use the same 56V battery. This means better compatibility across the entire EGO product line.

The EGO edger is part of a modular system including the power head as well as the edger attachment. You can buy them both together along with a battery and a charger. However, if you already own the power head, you can just buy the edger attachment.

Everything attaches very easily and there is a nice system to adjust the depth to your liking. The maximum depth is 3 inches which should work fine for most situations.

The standard 56V also means this unit has plenty of power, so you won’t get bogged down as you move around the perimeter of your lawn. This is important if your edges are particularly messy and need a little extra work.

Overall, this edge is sort of  “no-frills” but that’s what we like about it. It has great power and is part of a wide range of accessories that can be fitted once you have the power head.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Edger

Price: $140

This is a somewhat smaller edger so it’s perfect for those who may have smaller lawns and want something lightweight and more portable. Weighing in at only 8 pounds, it’s one of the easier edgers to handle at nearly half the weight of some other models.

It also has a nice angled grip which we found to be very comfortable. Some edgers have a totally straight design, which is fine but for some people, we found those straight designs can cause wrist strain. The angled grip can alleviate that issue and some people may find it more comfortable with their wrist in a more natural position.

Cutting depth is limited to 1.5 inches, which is suitable for a lot of lawn situations. Being a smaller edger and only 18V, it doesn’t quite have the power for deeper cutting depths. 

However, at this price, it’s one of the most inexpensive edgers, so that’s a strong selling point as well. The Ryobi name is also well known so you’re getting a strong product and a good warranty.

If you need a small and lightweight edge that is easy to handle, make sure to check out the Ryobi.

Kobalt 80V Max 8 inch Edger

Price: $330

The Kobalt 80V series of products are all about power and this 8-inch edger is no different. The larger 80V battery does increase the weight as this edger comes in at nearly 15 pounds.

But it’s built strong and feels very heavy-duty. The Kobalt is also longer than a lot of the other edgers you’ll find in this category. If you’re taller or just prefer a longer edger for more control, this may be your best option.

Kobalt also offers various attachments that can work with the power head. At 80V, this means you won’t have any issues with power, such as when you use a blower attachment or trimmer.

Overall, we find the Kobalt to be a great edger, especially if the size and weight are a good match for you.

DeWalt Max Brushless Edger

dewalt edger

Price: $250

DeWalt was one of the earlier companies that pushed the cordless market for power tools. They now have lawn and garden equipment and their edger is a nice entry into the market.

Coming in at 60V, it has good power and the batter is compatible with other 60V Dewalt equipment that you may already have. The power head can also take all the standard attachments like blowers or trimmers.

The DeWalt is on the lighter side, coming in at only 11 pounds. The cutting depth is a generous 2.75 inches which is nice to see on a smaller edger. There’s also a variable trigger for more control as you edge so you can avoid the machine getting away from you and creating a jagged border or glancing off of the sidewalk.

The DeWalt also has a slight curve going from the pole to the edging attachment. Some people prefer edgers with these slight curves as they feel it puts their arm at a more comfortable angle. Some people also feel they can get straighter edges with this curve as they are pushing the machine in more of a straight line.

Overall, this is a great option that is very easy to handle and if you already have DeWalt 60V tools, it makes it an even better option.

Toro Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Edger

Price: $279

We all know the name Toro and their cordless edger is a great unit that has some surprising features that we usually associate with some of the newer brands.

This 60V model with an 8-inch cutting width has plenty of power but it is still relatively easy to handle at 15 pounds. It has a 1.75-inch cutting depth and a nice large wheel to help keep it stable and on track while edging.

Inside there’s also a cool little piece of technology. The Toro edger senses the load on the brushless motor and reduces power if it’s not needed. This means it saves energy and keeps your battery running longer.

It’s a unique feature and one we found to work very well. The edger never seemed to get bogged down or be running too fast when it wasn’t needed. Overall, the feature simply worked as it should and it never got in our way at all.

The Toro is a great heavy-duty edger that should work perfectly for most medium to larger lawns.

Overview Of The Best Cordless Edgers

The edgers in this list are all great choices and it really comes down to what features are most important to you.

If you require a nimble and lightweight edger that is easy to hand, go with one of the lighter-weight models such as those from Ryobi.

For more power, you’ll want one of the 60V or 80V options from either Kobalt or EGO.

As far as comfort, that can be subjective, but we did find the angled handles and slight curve of some of these edgers helped to put our arms and wrist in a much more comfortable position. This may not matter to everyone, but for some, it may be the difference between a fun landscaping task or a sore shoulder the next day.

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