5 Best Hats For Landscapers

During the summer months, protection from the sun and heat are the two biggest factors that can turn a fun landscaping job into a grueling and uncomfortable task. Not only that, lacking protection from the sun can even be dangerous depending on the conditions.

One way to beat the heat and the sun is by choosing the right hat when out working on the job site. Hats for outdoor work have been a staple for thousands of years and this simple piece of clothing can work wonders.

But not any hat will do. You need the right hat for your conditions and the type of work you may be doing.

Below, we’ll go over the top hats for landscapers to help you beat the heat and stay cool and protected while tackling your next landscaping job.

What To Look For In A Landscaping or Lawn Mowing Hat

A landscaping hat serves several functions, such as protection from the sun for your face, head, and neck. But also it has to be breathable and durable. It also has to withstand other weather situations such as the sudden rainstorm that may hit without warning.

There are a few different categories of hats to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Boonie Hats (Booney)

These started as military-style hats and were used to replace standard patrol hats in hot climates. They feature a low-profile and wider brim for increased protection. They are also easily stowable.

Bucket Hats

bucket style hat

These are similar to a boonie hat but have less protection due to their smaller brim. They also have a higher profile, mainly for style and to sit lower when worn. 

Baseball-style caps

Baseball and patrol-style hats can have a standard-sized brim or an oversized brim if designed specifically for outdoor protection. For landscaping, these often have a back flap that protects the ears and necks.

Below, we’ll list our top 5 hats from a few different categories and price points.

Columbia Schooner Bank Cachalot Hat

Price: $40

Sun Protection Rating – 50 UPF

Columbia is a trusted name in outdoor gear and their Cachalot hat is a great choice for those who want protection from the sun but in a more traditional baseball-cap style.

The baseball cap design means the brim only protects the face, but the Cachalot has a deployable back flap to cover the neck and ears completely.  The flap is removable for days when you just want the front brim and don’t need the added protection.

Sizing is done by an easy-to-use drawstring and we found the hat works on almost any size head from male to female.

The hat uses breathable but durable nylon construction for lightweight and easy cleaning that won’t shrink or be damaged.

Overall, this is a great hat from a great brand that offers decent protection in a stylish package.

Mission Booney Hat

Price: $25

Sun Protection Rating – 50 UPF

A full-brimmed hat that is affordable and also durable. It features UPF 50 fabric construction along with mesh panels surrounding the circumference of the hat above the brim. This helps with breathability.

This hat can also be soaked in water and then worn for the evaporative cooling effect. The stiffened and reinforced brim won’t collapse or sag under the weight of the water, so you’ll be able to see and work while staying cool.

Sizing is done by a drawstring and the hat had no problem adjusting to various people we tested it on.

The Mission Booney comes in 4 colors and is a good affordable option for those who want a full-brim landscaping hat.

Sun Protection Zone Booney Hat

Price: $30

Sun Protection Rating –  100 UPF

This is a great landscaping hat that wins extra points for being one of the most stylish fully-brimmed hats we tested. This hat looks good on the job site but you can also wear it to the BBQ or out at the lake and still look great.

This hat features an exaggerated brim for extra protection but it doesn’t look or feel “floppy”. It’s the perfect size and you can tilt the hat to get the perfect amount of protection or openness.

The Sun Protection Booney features 100% polyester construction for easy washing and no shrinkage. Sizing is easy but we did notice it was a little tight for the largest heads out there. So if you generally need an XXL cap, this one may not work.

But for everyone else, this is a great hat with plenty of style and great protection all in one.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure

Price: $35

Sun Protection Rating –  50 UPF

This hat is for those who want all the technical features and protection possible and aren’t too concerned about looks.

We do prefer hats with a little bit of style but we understand some people don’t care about such things. For those, this is the hat to fit the bill.

It looks a little goofy, but the design really protects the face, neck, and head in a great way. It also has some of the best breathability of any hat we tested. With a slight breeze, it almost feels like you’re not wearing a hat.

The Ultra Adventure is also super lightweight with a foldable design that makes it easy to pack up and throw in a bag or even a decent-sized pocket.

It’s filled with technical features many other landscaping hats don’t have, such as an anti-reflective panel on the inside of the brim to help with visibility in the bright sun.

Overall, if you can get over the looks, you’ll have one of the most technical and protective landscaping hats you can find.

Patagonia Baggies Brimmer

Price: $40

Sun Protection Rating –  50 UPF

Patagonia is another great brand and we liked their Baggie Brimmer hat for several reasons.

First off, it worked best of all the hats in windy conditions. Some other hats fit well but lacked a solid interior that fits snugly around your heat. This means that when the wind picks up, the brims catch air and send the hat flying.

The Baggie Brinner has a nice secure feel for almost everyone who tried it. This makes it perfect for high-wind areas or those who are moving and bending over a lot.

The one downside of that secure fit is that it is a little more structured and uses heavier material, so the breathability is not as good. It’s still great for hot weather, but the hottest climates may be too much for this hat.

This hat also has a stylish look to it so if you have to dip into a store or walk through a building, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Overall, a great hat with very durable construction and solid protection. A good choice for somewhat milder climates or areas prone to high winds and gusts.

Tips On Hats For Landscapers

Hopefully, this list of the top 5 landscaping hats helps you choose one that’s perfect for your style and climate. These are all unisex hats so anybody can wear them, although they do come in a choice of colors that help make them more suitable for those looking for a certain look.

Wearing a proper hat when landscaping is more than just about keeping cool. It protects your skin, prevents premature aging, and also protects your eyes. Even when wearing sunglasses, the large brim prevents light from entering over the top and provides extra protection.

So make that next job a little easier and choose one of the hats listed above. You’ll stay cool, protected, and in most cases, look pretty stylish while you’re doing it.

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