Halo Collar 3 Review: Revolutionizing Dog GPS Tracking

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When it comes to keeping our pets safe, we want the best option available. While traditionally, people have used chain-link or wooden fences, it’s not always practical. Adding technology to the mix allows us to use virtual fences to keep our furry family members safe. A virtual fence uses GPS to keep our dogs in a specified area. While several options are on the market, the new Halo Collars 3 is leading the way in technological advancements, providing even more accuracy and enhanced features than the Halo Collar 2.

What is a Halo Collar?

A Halo Collar is a wearable technology for your pet that allows you to create a wireless GPS fence using your smartphone. This unique technology lets you create a boundary to keep your pets safe while monitoring their activity and alerting you if your dog leaves the designated zone.

The Halo Collar lets you set a customizable warning that triggers your dog’s associative memory, letting them know not to cross the boundary. The Halo collar offers a variety of feedback, including sounds, vibrations, or static. Note that the static feedback is gentler than the electronic pulse used with shock collars, which can be painful for your pet. When using static feedback, Halo allows you to customize the static level or turn it off entirely, depending on your comfort and your pet’s responsiveness.

If your pet should cross the established boundary, Halo Collar has several failsafes built in. For starters, you will receive a safety alert notifying you your pet has left the boundary area, allowing you to use the return whistle feature to call your dog back to its fenced area. Halo’s advanced algorithms help determine whether your dog is moving towards or away from the boundary area to ensure that your pet does not receive correction feedback as they return home.

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Halo’s GPS feature lets you see exactly where your furry friend is, helping keep your pet from getting lost. These safety features, including the various levels of feedback and return whistle, help keep your pet from getting hit by a car if they leave their fenced area. This is true for any fences you establish in the Halo app. Because it is so easy to establish a new virtual fence, Halo is a portable solution that lets you take your pet wherever you go. All you need is .2 acres for your fenced-in area, and you’re good to go. Halo can even work in areas with poor cell reception thanks to its multi-signal system (satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi).

Halo has also partnered with Cesar Millan to provide unique features to Halo users, including detailed statistics on your pet’s activities and in-app training and coaching to help you get the best results with your Halo Collar.

What’s more, is that the Halo dog collar keeps getting better and better with the latest release of the Halo 3 dog collar.

When does Halo Collar 3 Release?

Halo Collar 3 launched on September 1st, 2023 with many new features that set it apart from the crowd. With the release of Halo 3, Halo 2+ is no longer available. Still, many of the new features are backward compatible with a firmware update. These new features of the Halo Collar 3 have improved an already great virtual fence system.

What’s New on Halo Collar 3?

halo 2 vs halo 3

Many new features available on Halo Collar 3 are geared explicitly towards improved accuracy, giving you better control over knowing exactly where your pet is at any given time. Here are some of the new features you’ll find on the new Halo dog collar.


Halo Collar has developed a proprietary AI-driven software that uses machine learning to recognize and discard false signals. This helps improve accuracy by removing the signals that bounce off buildings, trees, and other objects, which can be especially important for dogs in a crowded terrain with buildings or ones.

Active GPS Antenna

The Active GPS Antenna provides double the GPS reception power of earlier Halo models. It does this by connecting to more satellites to better establish your pet’s location. Using more satellites provides better reception in areas with poor cellular coverage, such as rural areas.

All Carrier Coverage Worldwide

While the Halo Collar uses satellites to track your dog’s location, connecting to cellular networks helps provide pinpointed accuracy. However, when there is poor cell reception, this accuracy can suffer. To correct this, Halo Collar has added all carrier coverage worldwide, a revolutionary feature that allows the collar to automatically connect to the strongest and fastest cellular signal, regardless of carrier. This universal-carrier connectivity comes at no extra cost and is applicable no matter where you are in the world.

Perfect Fit

Fit is one of the most critical factors of any dog collar. While earlier models of the Halo Collar were suitable for both small and large dogs, the new perfect fit kit allows you to custom fit your Halo Collar to your dog’s exact neck size. This helps ensure your furry loved one does not slip out of the collar and stays safe even as they grow.

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Durability Enhancements

The Halo Collar 3 has been updated to be even stronger and more durable than previous models, with more secure contact tips. It also features a magnetic charging port (via USB C cable) that helps keep the dirt and water out, protecting your investment.

New Colors Available

Earlier models of the Halo dog collar were available in two classic colors – Graphite and Ivory. Now, with the Halo Collar 3, you can choose from the classic colors or add a bit of personality to your dog’s collar with two new bright colors — Orchid (a cheery pink) and Sunburst (a sunny yellow). You’ll also get matching straps and cases for your Halo Collar 3.

New Collar Charging

The upgraded feature I love best (so far) about Halo Collar 3 is the new way it charges. Instead of plugging in a USB C cable like on the Halo 2, the Halo 3 has a magnetic charger that makes it even easier to charge. Before, the collar cover often partially blocked the charging port. But now the port sticks out just a bit more and the end of the charging cable sticks to the port magnetically.

Halo Dog Collar Features

In addition to these new and improved features, you’ll get all of the features that have given Halo Collars their reputation in the virtual dog fence market.

Option for Multiple Fences

Quickly create up to 20 different fences for each collar using the Halo app. These fences do not require any hidden or underground wires and can easily be made using the app on your smartphone. The option for multiple fences adds to the portability and usefulness of the Halo virtual dog fence.

Halo Collar Dog Park

The Halo Collar 3 will also give you access to the virtual customer-to-customer community of pet parents known as the Halo Collar dog park. This is a community where Halo pet owners can connect with one another and get access to live customer service, exclusive content, and the opportunity to meet and greet with Halo’s expert trainers and founders.

Halo Quality Assurance

With all Halo Collars, you can expect the highest level of quality.  Halo quality assurance includes monitoring all live collars in real-time and proactive engagement to diagnose and fix all potential issues. Each collar also features smart roaming between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE to optimize performance, responsiveness, and battery life. Halo also offers remote and proactive product repair using diagnostic dashboards and wireless upgrades that can be done without any user effort.


When using GPS tracking, security can often be a concern. With Halo Collars, all data is protected and encrypted to protect you and your pet.

Expert Design

Halo collars have been designed by dog training experts, including co-founder Cesar Millan. The Halo Collar integrates dog psychology and smart training into a single, easy-to-use smart collar. This helps ensure that your dog’s collar will not cause any harm when being used and can be seamlessly integrated into your dog training.

Live Sessions

In addition to being designed by experts, your Halo Collar will also give you access to live sessions and live Q&As with expert trainers. This will help you get the most from your Halo Collar so you can give your furry loved one the best quality of life possible.

Real-Time Tracking

The improved accuracy of the Halo Collar GPS means that you’ll get the most accurate real-time location of any GPS collar available on the market. Because you can pull up the GPS information in real time, you will always know exactly where your pet is, giving you peace of mind while you are at work or away.

Daily Activity Tracking

Another unique feature of the Halo Collar is that it lets you track your pet’s daily activity. The sensors on the collar log detailed information on your dog’s activity, such as how much time they spend moving versus resting. This recorded information also highlights how your dog receives feedback from the Halo virtual dog fence.


When we give our pets the ability to roam, there’s no telling the kind of messes they can get into, which can cause concern when investing in a GPS dog collar. With the Halo Collar 3, your pet can get as messy as they want with the IP67 waterproof rating that makes it tough enough to withstand both water and mud.

Safety Alerts and Return Whistle

Halo Collars are designed to issue a safety alert if your pet leaves the secured area to keep your pets safe and prevent them from getting lost. Additionally, the Halo Collar features a return whistle you can use through the Halo app to call your dog back to safety.

How Much is the Halo Collar 3 and Where to Buy

The Halo Collar 3 was released at the same price as the Halo 2+, coming in at $599. This includes the Halo Collar 3 and access to the full Halo app you use to create the virtual fences. Activating your Halo Collar does require a monthly Pack Membership Plan. These plans start at $5.99 per month. You can purchase the Halo Collar 3 and additional charging kits, contact tips, and beacons directly on the Halo website.

It’s important to remember that all Halo Collars have a satisfaction guarantee. For consumers not satisfied in the first 60 days, collars can be returned for a refund, minus $25 shipping and handling, making the decision to try out the new and improved Halo Collar 3 a no-brainer.

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