5 Best Battery-Powered Garden Sprayers

A crucial part of lawn and garden maintenance is dealing with weeds and pests or applying fertilizer.

For many of these tasks, a sprayer makes the job much easier. But sprayers can come in a wide variety of options and with so many choices, you may need help figuring out where to start.

For those looking for a battery-powered option, we have you covered. We tested many different brands and figured out which ones were up to the challenge

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best sprayers to match any situation. We’ve included a good mix of portable, wheeled, and backpack models to help you find one that makes your next job that much easier.

Scotts 190617 Pump Zero Wheeled Sprayer

Price: $155

Carrying a garden sprayer can tire you out much faster than a wheeled or backpack option. This Scott’s sprayer is great for those who need a larger tank but don’t want to carry it around the whole time they are spraying.

The tank and the carrying cart can separate, so it makes filling it much easier.

The Scott’s sprayer has a strong lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 24 gallons of spraying on a single charge. With a 3-gallon tank, that means you get about 8 tanks per charge.

This sprayer does only come with one nozzle, unfortunately. But it does offer a lot of adjustments and can spray as wide as 24 inches.

Overall, this is a great wheeled sprayer and perfect for larger jobs around your property.

Scotts 190567 Battery Powered Sprayer

scotts sprayer

Price: $85

If you want something a little smaller and more portable, the Scotts 190567 may be a great option. It’s smaller and doesn’t have wheels, but it’s also about half the price.

This smaller option has a 2-gallon tank, but it’s important to remember that it will still be over 15 pounds when filled to the top. So carrying that around for large areas may be tiring. However, for small patch applications, the weight shouldn’t be a problem.

The lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power and you get 12 tanks worth of spraying from a single charge.

Similar to the previous Scotts sprayer, this model only has one nozzle, but it has 3 separate modes which are fan, stream, and cone.

We would have liked to have seen a shoulder strap on this model, but the carrying handle is large and comfortable.

Overall, a great battery-powered sprayer for those looking for something smaller and more portable.

Flo-Master Pumpless Battery Powered Sprayer

Price: $50

This model comes in very light at only 3 pounds when empty, which makes it super portable. It also has a nice shoulder strap with ample padding to make carrying it around your garden a breeze.

One advantage of this sprayer is the double-telescoping wand. It extends to over 35 inches, which is great for getting into those hard-to-reach areas when doing pest control or even weed spraying.

You can get 18 gallons of spraying in with its rechargeable batter before it needs a recharge. 

Overall, this is a great budget sprayer that is relatively easy to carry around with its nice shoulder strap. We found this best for pest control or weed spraying. It may be a bit small for fertilizer applications.

PetraTools EZ1

Price: $80

The EZ1 is ultra-portable with a smaller 1-gallon tank. It’s great for small tasks and the price is competitive considering what you get.

The battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous spraying, which should be more than enough for any job. Charging takes about 3 hours. That’s a little longer than some other models of this size, but it’s still not bad considering the run time.

You get two dedicated nozzles with the EZ1.  A fan nozzle and an adjustable nozzle that can go from mist to a solid stream.

The EZ1 has a nice handle and also a shoulder strap. Padding is sufficient, although we wouldn’t mind a little extra to add to the comfort.

Overall, a great small garden sprayer that you can easily move from job to job.

PetraTools HD4000

Price: $199

For larger jobs, you can’t beat a backpack sprayer. This model from PetraTools has a large 4-gallon capacity to reduce the number of refills needed when working on larger properties.

The HD4000 also has great battery life and you get over 200 gallons of spraying from a single charge, which is pretty amazing.

One thing to note though is that due to the type of battery used, charging does take about 8 hours. So make sure to charge this one overnight before use.

The backpack is comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The tank always felt secure and we never felt unstable or felt like the tank could shift.

Overall, this is a great sprayer for larger areas. Just be aware that a backpack sprayer can get heavy, especially when putting it on when full. You may want some help or make sure to have the sprayer on a table before putting it on.

Tips For Picking The Right Battery-Powered Sprayer

The biggest selection criterion when choosing a sprayer will be the size. You want something large enough to tackle the job, but not so large you can’t comfortably carry it around. If you need a large capacity but don’t want to carry the weight, a wheeled option is best.

Next, consider the spray handle. Most are between 18 and 24 inches, but some go up to 35 inches or more. Depending on your job, you may need a longer or shorter wand to spray where you need to.

Finally, consider the nozzle. Many home sprayers will have a single nozzle which is adjustable. This works fine for most general use cases. However, if you need a dedicated nozzle type, make sure to choose a model that either comes with different nozzles or allows for dedicated nozzles to be attached to the wand.

By following those tips, you should be able to find the perfect sprayer to tackle those weeds or pests around your home and garden.

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