5 Best Places To Buy Large Garden Statues And Sculptures Online

The right garden statue can really complement an outdoor space and add a certain flair that no other object can.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to find that perfect statue based on your design choices and personal taste. Price can also be a factor and you want to make sure your statue is of the quality to match your tastes.

Your local shops may have a small selection of garden statues, but this selection may not offer the unique piece that you’re searching for.

Like most other things, the internet offers a huge selection of garden statues, but there are a few top shops to start with when beginning your search.

Below, we’ll go over the top 5 shops to find large garden statues to give your garden the perfect finishing touch.

Garden Statue Buying Guide

Before clicking that order button, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a garden statue. These are considered the best practices when searching for something that looks great and compliments your garden, rather than detract from it.

But of course, feel free to deviate from these if you’re looking to create something truly unique. These tips are simply a starting point.

Statue Materials

You can start by deciding on the materials you want for your garden statue. Statues come in stone, metal, clay, cast stone, and other materials. Each one has its pros and cons as well as a price point.

Durability is also something to consider when choosing your garden statue material. Different materials age in different ways, so consider how these will look over time.

You’ll also want to consider your climate. Colder climates may be damaging to some lower-end cast stone statues, so be aware of this. 

Statue Size

This one can be tough to get just right since it takes a bit of an artistic eye and experience. However, you can usually find the right size by taking your time and carefully considering the options.

A statue that’s too small will look quite underwhelming, detracting from your entire garden area and making it look weak. A statue that’s too large will easily overwhelm the space and be too much of a focal point. This can be just as bad as one that’s undersized.

Consider larger statues only if you want them to be the centerpiece or focal point. If you prefer smaller statues, consider using more than one and placing them in unique locations. This makes them appear as though they are a surprise to be discovered.

Statue Style

There are so many styles available so you should have no issue finding one that fits your garden. You can go with classic, modern, Asian-inspired, mythical, and so many other directions.

However, you want to be careful mixing different styles, as this can quickly start to look random. You also want to choose a style that fits the garden and the type of greenery and plants you are showcasing.

Statue Location

This is another big decision and will influence a few of your other choices. Decide if you want your statues to be accent pieces or focal point pieces. This will influence their size as well.

You can also use statues to accentuate various points in your garden. For example, a pair of identical statues at the entry can add a dramatic flair as people first enter the garden.

Smaller statues along the way can also be used to add contrast or accentuate areas. A small stone statue among colorful, blooming flowers can make the flowers pop that much more.

Feel free to get creative here as there is really no limit on what you can do. Adding a statue to various areas of a garden can completely change the whole look and feel.

garden statue

Best Places To Shop Online For Garden Statues

Now that you’ve decided on what to look for in a statue, it’s time to get to the fun part. Below are some great online resources for finding the perfect garden statue.

Design Toscano

Design Tuscano has been selling garden statues and other home decor for 25 years. They have a huge selection of products and garden statues make up a large percentage of that inventory.

Over 90% of their designs are exclusive to their shop, so these are items you won’t find at other locations.

The wide selection of statues includes all of the classics you would expect. But they also have fun designs as well, such as aliens, BigFoot, or mythical creatures.

It’s easy to get lost in their selection so this is a great place to begin your search and get some great ideas for your next garden project.

Kenneth Lynch & Sons

Kenneth Lynch & Sons focuses on high-end statues that are all made here in the U.S.A. They are a supplier for parks and other public properties around the country, so these are commercial-quality statues suitable for high-end placement.

They also offer a unique cast stone formula meant to create a stronger statue that can hold up to extreme climates.

If you’re looking for large and high-end statues, make sure to visit Kenneth Lynch & Sons.

Garden Fountains & Home Decor

This online retailer has a good selection of affordable garden statues, but they also have larger models such as their Angkor spheres for those who need something a bit bigger.

They have plenty of classics along with statues with a more folksy and cute look that many homeowners appreciate.

Exotic India

For those looking for something truly dramatic, this is the shop. Inspired by Hinduism and Indian culture, these large statues can definitely be the centerpiece of a garden display.

Prices can vary quite a bit, with smaller pieces being a few hundred dollars, but large pieces can go above $10K.

Final Tips On Buying Statues Online

For larger statues, you want to pay close attention to shipping costs. Some larger statues may come with free freight shipping, which can save you a lot of money and hassle over arranging shipping yourself.

Finally, some of these larger pieces require assembly by a professional. So make sure to ask about those services before making your final purchase.

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