3 Garden Projects for the Perfect Outdoor Space

The garden and outdoor spaces are places where homeowners can relax and unwind. Particularly in the summertime, they can take centerstage in the home, where they can be commonly used to host barbecues, garden parties, or simply to sit outdoors in the sunshine and enjoy a good book.

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by millions of adults. It can be extremely pleasurable and a perfect way to relax while getting gentle exercise and fresh air. However, the garden and outdoor areas can fall into a state of disrepair, becoming unsightly if they are neglected.

If your outdoor areas need some upgrading, or you are looking for a new home improvement project, this article will be of significant assistance. Three specific garden projects will be discussed in detail. Each of these projects may be suitable for a range of homes and budgets whilst providing some practical and aesthetic improvements to these spaces.

1.    Invest in an all-weather log cabin

Many homeowners love the idea of a custom-built log cabin in their garden. It can be the ideal place to relax in the summer months or snuggle up in during the colder season. Many designs can be found online for all shapes, sizes, and budgets that can give you inspiration for this project.

However, a key consideration with any larger log cabin is to ensure that it is adequately ventilated, especially in the summer season. For larger projects, it is worthwhile to look at HVLS fans. These fans can circulate significant volumes of air, ensuring that a comfortable environment can be enjoyed when temperatures soar. Many designs are available online that will fit a range of larger log cabin designs, and their energy-efficient operation ensures that power costs can be kept low.

In short, such fans are a vital addition to larger build projects and will help you to enjoy the space to the fullest.

2.    Landscape your garden

Many gardens follow a set design with a straight, narrow pathway breaking up the lawn (typically made with stone paving slabs), flower beds, and borders. However, it is important to consider more adventurous aesthetical considerations if you want your garden to look truly stunning.

In terms of the pathway, think about creating unique designs, such as swirling or bending routes around key points in your garden. This can be far more interesting than a simple straight path from point A to point B. If you have border plants, ensure that they contain a mix of flowers that can provide all-year-round color. In addition, landscape any hedges and larger bushes. This will help to create unique and beautiful points of interest in the garden.

3.    Build a custom firepit

Finally, many homeowners enjoy the idea of hosting barbecues for friends and family members during the summer months. Consider creating your own custom-designed firepit as a permanent structure in the garden.

These structures can be made with minimal DIY knowledge, as a simple firepit will only require bricks to be built up around the area and a grill to be supported on the top. If you are competent in DIY, you may consider creating a larger or more extravagant design that will become another eye-catching focal point in this outdoor space. 

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