Best Commercial Robot Mowers of 2024

In recent years, robotic lawn mowers have been increasingly popular with commercial landscaping companies. As technology has improved, these automated mowers have become a viable solution for many properties and clients.

Robotic lawn mowers can help solve many problems landscaping companies are facing. Things like increasing labor costs or labor shortages are two big issues that robots can help solve.

Beyond that are the changing demands of clients, some of whom want more ecologically friendly lawn care or simply want something quieter and less obtrusive and are willing to pay a premium for those services.

Below, we’ll look at the top 5 commercial robot lawn mowers to consider when making the switch to this exciting new technology that can grow your business.

Nexmow Robotic Lawn Mower

Nexmow is a relative newcomer to the robot lawn mower scene and is produced by URS Robotics.

Nexmow has a simplified product line with only one flagship mower that has all the features that the company offers. This includes a full suite of sensors and even cameras to detect obstacles and other issues.

Nexmow also uses a totally satellite-based boundary system and there is no charging or docking station needed. Units have easily swappable batteries that can be changed on the fly when needed.

These units can be easily dropped off at a location and set to run then controlled or monitored via a phone app from anywhere. Once the mowing is complete, they can be picked up, batteries swapped, and they are ready for the next property.

Features and Price


On pre-order. Contact USR Robotics for details


Lithium-Ion battery that is easily swappable. 25 volts/7788 watt-hours. The battery can run the mower for 6 hours on typical terrain and average temperatures.


Fully autonomous with satellite image boundaries that can be adjusted manually via the included app. A fleet of up to 10 mowers can all be connected on the job site to work cooperatively.


A cutting height of 1.5 – 4 inches or roughly 3.5 – 10 cm. The Nexmow can handle a slope of up to 25 degrees with a cutting width of 13.8 inches or 35 cm.

Husqvarna Ceora

The Ceora robot mower is designed to mow large commercial properties up to 18 acres in size. Ceora is designed for professional application that offers several benefits to help solve unique challenges for sports field managers. The battery-powered mower connects to Husqvarna’s Automower Connect app, allowing for remote operation. Boundary wire-free EPOS technology permits the user to define cutting heights, work areas, stay-out zones and cutting patterns and set a cutting schedule.


Echo Robotics TM 2000 Robot Mower

The TM 2000 from Echo Robotics is designed for large areas and can handle up to 6 acres on a single run. These are perfect for large areas or campuses where frequent mowing is needed to maintain the desired look of the grounds.

echo commercial

Echo also makes a smaller version of the TM 2000, which is named the TM 1000. It has roughly half the range of its larger sibling but is also less expensive. However, it does have the same core features as the larger model, just with smaller overall dimensions and cutting sizes.


MSRP $15500


Lithium-Ion battery rated at 25.6 volts. Can handle up to 6 acres on one charge operating at a speed of 2.2 mph.


In-ground wire or GPS automation are both options for the TM 2000 model. Can be set up to leave no tracks if desired.


The total cutting width on the TM 2000 is 40.7 inches and has a variable cutting height from .8 inches to 3.9 inches. The TM 2000 uses 5 floating heads to help glide over irregularities in the turf. 

Belrobotics BigMow Robot Mower

The Belrobotics Bigmow can handle golf courses, public areas, and other spots where traditional mowers may not be the best choice.

The Bigmow uses 5 floating cutting heads with 15 total blades that easily glide over uneven terrain and still deliver a professional cut.

It’s also packed with sensors on all sides for safety and can be used in public areas without worry. There is also an anti-theft system built in that can disable and also track the mower if it ends up missing.


MSRP $21000


Lithium-Ion battery with a range of up to 5.9 acres on one charge.


In-ground wire or autonomous GPS control. App can control all operational parameters from anywhere. Full sensors to deal with unknown obstacles.


Cutting width of 40.5 inches. Can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees. Centimeter accuracy when using GPS functions.


Scythe Autonomous Robot Mower

Scythe is an American company based just outside of Boulder, Colorado. While being somewhat new to landscaping equipment manufacturing, they are a well-funded early-stage startup.

The Scythe team in Boulder collaborates with their other satellite design offices in Texas and Florida, so this is a dedicated operation that is focused on creating commercial mowing technology.

The Scythe M.52 is their latest offering and is a very advanced, heavy-duty, commercial robot mower that is packed with features.

This 100% electric robot mower has no pulleys, oil, or hydraulic systems to deal with. It’s intentionally created to be mechanically as simple as possible. This keeps maintenance down to virtually nothing other than charging the battery and replacing the blades when needed.

Additionally, the Scythe is incredibly quiet due to its all-electric design. This means you can run early or late in the day and not have to worry about client noise complaints.

Scythe Specs

  • Deck Width: 52”
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 6 inches
  • Mowing Speed: 10 mph
  • Weight: 1100 pounds
  • Full 360 sensors and obstacle avoidance
  • Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity

Wright Autonomous Standard ZK

Wright has been in the lawn care equipment business for 30 years, so they are no newcomer to the industry. Based in Fredrick, Maryland, they hold over 50 patents related to lawn care and landscaping equipment.

Their Autonomous Standard ZK is based on their traditional manual mower, the Stander ZK. Through a partnership with Greenzie, they’ve adapted computer modules and sensor suites to turn the manual mower into an autonomous powerhouse.

This model is still gas-powered instead of going all-electric like some other models. Powered by a 40hp motor, it has the power that has made the manual version one of the most popular commercial mowers around the country.

The autonomous version works by letting the operator complete the first lap around properly, then they can activate the autonomous mode and the mower will finish the job. This means the operator can tend to other tasks as the mower completes its job.

Stander ZK Specs

  • Deck Size: 61”
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 5”
  • Engine: 40hp EFI
  • Suspension Platform
  • Fuel Capacity: 15.5 gallons
  • Larger tire and dual-tire conversions are available

Graze Autonomous Mower

Graze is another tech startup and they are focusing on an innovative all-electric commercial robot mower for large properties such as airports and other similar locations.

The Graze goes all-in on technology and has features within the software of the mower that go beyond many competitors. For example, the mower uses machine learning to help plot mowing plans faster. This also means less user input at the job site, saving even more time.

The Graze mower is all about efficiency, which extends to the electric drive and power system. It can run for 8 hours on a single charge, which is impressive for a mower of this size.

The all-electric construction also helps to cut down on noise issues and also keeps maintenance costs low. The unit has full 360-degree sensors to detect obstacles in real time as it mows autonomously.

Graze is a startup so availability may be limited as they ramp up production.

Graze Specs

  • Deck Size: 60”
  • Cutting Height: 1.5” to 5.5”
  • Run Time: 8 hours
  • Top Speed: 7mph (3 mph cutting)
  • Airless Tires

RCM Robotics A-60 Autonomous Robot Mower

Powered by a Kawasaki 23.5HP engine, the A-60 can cut up to 2.2 acres an hour. This autonomous mower works the same way as many others by first having the operator run a lap around the area to be mowed. They can also mow around areas that need to be excluded so the mower can learn the route.

Once done, the operator places the mower into robot mode and it carries out the rest of the job.

Onboard sensors help it track obstacles or make adjustments on the fly. After mowing, it returns to the original starting point to be loaded back on the trailer.

A-60 Specs

  • Deck Size: 6”
  • Cutting Height: 1.5” to 5”
  • Engine: 23.5 HP Kawasaki
  • Fuel Capacity: 5 gallon

Firefly Automatix

firefly autonomous mower

FireFly Automatix is a twelve year old company that has dominated the sod harvesting industry.  They have now built and are selling and installing a fully electric and autonomous, 100’’ commercial mower.  The M100AV is specifically targeted to sports fields and complexes, universities/colleges, cities/municipalities that maintain higher end parks. 

• Intelligent path planning
• LiDAR enabled obstacle detection
• 100” width of cut
• Multiple cutting unit option

• 8 mph mowing speed 
• Mows 7 acres/hour


kress commercial mower

The Kress line of robot mowers bridges the gap between home use and commercial use. Their smaller units are perfect for most home applications, but larger models are ideal for commercial properties such as athletic fields. That’s not to say that homeowners can’t use the Kress RTKn. However, the robotic mower is generally a better fit for businesses and government properties.

The Kress RTKn models of robots is made up of 5 mowers in total. The mowers all use the same technology and their range is what sets them apart. The 4½-acre and 9-acre models are especially great fits for sports fields because they can go all the way down to a 1.18” cut height.

Investing In Robot Mower Technology For Your Business

Although they still may seem relatively new, robot mowers have come a long way, and suffice it to say, they will become a large part of any landscaping business in the not-too-distant future.

For those ready to make the plunge, there are some great options out there like the Nexmow or Husqvarna that offer complete autonomous mowing and control with minimal intervention or preparation like guide wires.

For those not quite ready to take this next step, make sure to at least keep an eye on the industry and new products in this field. They could very well transform landscaping services and you wouldn’t want to get caught out and miss out on exciting new opportunities to increase revenue and grow your business.

If you are ready to learn more about commercial robot mowers for your property or your business, you need to speak with an expert before making such a large purchase. Fill out this form and we’ll get back in touch to help you make the right decision.

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