Autmow Robot Mower Store Review

Taking care of your yard is now easier than ever with robotic lawn mowers. While you could opt to work with a local landscaping company to come and cut your yard weekly, it can get expensive and the quality of care your lawn receives can be inconsistent. With a robotic lawnmower, you get consistent results every time and your lawn always stays neatly trimmed. And one of the most popular places to buy robot mowers is Autmow. They have an online store where they offer mowers from all the top brands and they also offer installation if you need help getting your mower up and running. Here’s a quick review of what Autmow has to offer.

Autmow Gives You Options

Unlike other robotic mowing stores out there, Autmow offers you options. One option is to purchase your own robotic lawn mower. Autmow has done all the research and has short-listed the best robot mowers on the market, with over 30 different models available. The problem is that robotic lawn mowers are expensive, ranging from $800-19,000 (with the cost varying depending on the brand, model, and yard size). For many people, this is out of their budget.

With Autmow’s Smartlawn Service, you don’t have to buy your own robot mower but can still reap the benefits that come with robotic lawn care; instead, you can lease a robotic lawn mower unit starting at $19 a week. This can be a more affordable option for families on a budget.     

Autmow Saves You Time

Autmow stops lawn care from eating into limited family time, letting you get back to what matters most. Rather than spend hours walking or riding back and forth through your yard, with Autmow you can set it and forget it. Robotic lawn mowers run on batteries, cutting your yard for 60-90 minutes before returning to the docking station to recharge. A simple recharge only takes 45 minutes before it’s back at it again. The best part is that the robot does it all for you– both the mowing and the charging. All you have to do is the trimming and edging if needed (or simply hire a professional for the small job). 

Autmow Robot Mowers Are Better For The Environment

Traditional gas-powered lawn mowing is terrible for the environment. It has a significant carbon footprint, accounting for nearly 5% of US air pollution according to the EPA. Because robotic lawn mowers run on electricity, they are almost entirely emission-free, not to mention super quiet. With Autmow you can even cut your grass while you sleep, without disrupting the neighbors. Additionally, robotic lawn mowers only cut a little grass at a time, leaving the small clippings behind to fertilize your yard. This is why, over time, robotic mowing makes your lawn healthier too.

Find Autmow Nationwide

Autmow is keeping lawns looking sharp throughout the country. While the company is headquartered in Ohio, Autmow is currently available in:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

The good news is that the company is actively expanding, so if Autmow is not yet available in your area talk to your local landscaping company about becoming a certified pro so you can reap the benefits Autmow has to offer.

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Customer Service Is a Priority

When you buy from Autmow you don’t have to worry. Their lawn specialists will come to your home to map out your lawn and set-up your robotic lawn mower, whether you have purchased it outright or are simply leasing. The entire premise of the company is to help you get the long-term lawn care solution that you need. Learn more about Autmow today to leave mowing to the robots so you can get back to what matters most – family!

Autmow Reviews

Autmow has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Autmow has great reviews with Angi.

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