Maintaining Your Lawn’s Lushness While You’re Away: Tips for Vacation Care

Planning a vacation is exciting, but it can also bring concerns about leaving your lawn unattended. A well-maintained lawn enhances the beauty of your home, and ensuring it stays healthy while you’re away is crucial. Fortunately, with some preparation and simple strategies, you can keep your lawn in good shape even when you’re not there to tend to it.

Pre-Vacation Preparation: Before embarking on your trip, take some time to prepare your lawn.

Mowing: Trim your grass a day or two before leaving. Avoid cutting it too short as longer blades can retain moisture better. Robotic mowers do a great job of trimming just a small bit of the grass blade with each mow.

Watering: Give your lawn a good watering session to ensure it’s adequately hydrated before your departure. This will help it withstand dry periods.

Remove Debris: Clear any debris like branches or leaves that could hinder lawn health.

Set Up an Irrigation System: Installing an automatic irrigation system or sprinklers on timers can be a game-changer. Set the system to water your lawn periodically while you’re away. Ensure the timers are adjusted according to your lawn’s needs and local weather conditions.

Ask for Help: Enlist the support of a trusted neighbor, friend, or professional lawn care service. Request their assistance in monitoring your lawn, especially during extended vacations. They can water the lawn, mow if necessary, and keep an eye out for any issues.

Use Mulch to Retain Moisture: Apply a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and garden beds to retain soil moisture. Mulch acts as an insulator and helps the soil retain water, reducing the stress on your plants during your absence.

Avoid Fertilizing Before You Leave: Refrain from fertilizing your lawn right before your trip. Freshly fertilized lawns need water to prevent burning, and if you’re away, it might not get the necessary hydration, potentially damaging the grass.

Protect Against Pests: Apply pest control measures or deterrents to prevent insect infestations or critter damage while you’re gone. Sprays or natural remedies can discourage pests from invading your lawn.

Post-Vacation Care: Upon your return, assess the condition of your lawn. It might need a thorough watering or mowing, depending on the duration of your absence. Gradually nurse it back to its usual routine if any issues arose.

Consider Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: If you frequently travel or are often away for extended periods, consider landscaping with drought-tolerant plants. These varieties require less water and maintenance, ensuring your lawn stays healthier during your absence.


Maintaining your lawn while on vacation doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. By preparing in advance, setting up automated systems, seeking help from reliable sources, and taking preventive measures, you can ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip worry-free. Returning home to a lush, well-kept lawn will be a rewarding sight after your time away.

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