Review of the Segway Navimow: A Revolutionary Robot Mower

segway navimow

Update: There is a newer version of this mower available as of March 2024.

Much like automatic vacuum cleaners that crawl around your floor sucking up anything in its wake, robot lawn mowers have revolutionized mowing in much the same way. Instead of spending hours of your weekend in the hot sun, mowing grass, robot mowers can be set to run automatically so you can spend less time on suburban chores and more time doing what you love.

Robot mowers have quickly grown in popularity thanks to their ease of use and availability. You’ll never have to take a weekend day to slowly and steadily push a mower again as robotic mowers allow you to manage your lawn care while you sit back and relax. For the last decade, robotic mowers have helped homeowners avoid costly landscaping fees and given back hours of time.

Still, as with most technology, there is always room for improvement. For robot mowers, this means constant tweaking and refining the features customers have come to love.

Traditional robot mowers work by running a wire along the perimeter of your property. While you only need to do the initial wire installation once, the wire needs frequent adjusting — especially for lawns with heavy traffic. A physical perimeter wire also means you still have to do some trimming around the edges of the lawn. The new Segway Navimow is changing all that.

The most impressive feature of the Segway Navimow is its Exact Fusion Locating System. Segway has added GPS positioning to this mower so you no longer have to use a perimeter wire. GPS positioning allows you to get an even trim all the way to the edges of your lawn — no extra work required.

segway robot mowing lawn

How to Use

Setting up your Segway Navimow is easy with the convenient Segway app. Simply download the app and follow the prompts to quickly program your mower. There’s no need to fuss with any complicated perimeter calculations. Because there is no wire, you don’t have to worry about the line breaking or moving. The app includes little arrow bars that allow you to drive your mower around your lawn. This is how you tell your Navimow what area to mow. You can also define “no go” regions where the mower should not mow. My 9 year old son set up Navimow in our backyard in about half an hour. Other app settings make it trivial to set the mowing height and mowing schedule.

setting up navimow

The Exact Fusion Locating System will also alert you if your mower has gone outside its virtual boundary. Because the Navimow uses GPS positioning, you can always find the exact location of your mower in seconds. This lets you see the location of the mower while it’s mowing and also serves as a convenient anti-theft technology. If it is picked up or off your property lines, you’ll get an alert.

Segway Navimow Best Features

The Navimow is equipped with multiple censors to create ultimate pinpoint accuracy. Segway’s exclusive Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System promises accuracy within two centimeters. Rest assured that the entirety of your lawn will be evenly and impeccably cut.


Another excellent feature of the Segway Navimow is its ability to mow in the most efficient mowing pattern. Thanks to a cutting-edge algorithm, this robot mower is constantly evaluating the best route that eliminates any repetitive patterns so as not to repeat any area unnecessarily.

Most robot mowers move in a randomized pattern that can result in longer patches and shorter patches of grass. These uneven patches can leave your lawn looking haphazard and require additional trimming and maintenance. Because the Segway Navimow cuts only 1-2 mm every day, it will remain lush, healthy, and evenly cut. You’ll get a professional cut every time.

Navimow user panel


With the Segway Navimow, you can easily create different zones depending on the set up of your yard. The mower easily adjusts to different terrain and can be set to avoid “off limit” areas and establish quick passage between areas.  

With the easy-to-use app, you can set the cut height to your preference and adjust it if necessary. It is powerful enough to climb over slopes up to 45 degrees and, with 55 mm off-road rubber tires, remain stable even over bumpy surfaces. It also has a 14-bit magnetic positioning sensor with well programmed rotating speed and torque to give it power and maneuverability. The 10,400 mAh battery can cover up to 3,000 square meters (3/4 acre) on one charge.

The Segway Navimow is incredibly quiet and easy to clean and remove excess debris.


The Segway Navimow is safe for families with children and beloved pets.

With five safety sensors you can be sure your mower will stay on course and not cause any harm. The bump sensors will ensure the mower turns and reverses positions if it hits a hard object.

Lift sensors are another safety feature that will help protect toys, garden hoses and any other obstructions your mower may encounter. The Segway Navimow is perfect for active families or anyone who wants a wireless mower with plenty of piece of mind. The Segway Navimow is also equipped with BladeHalt technology. If the sensor area is touched, the blades will automatically stop spinning.

Because of its advanced technology, the Navimow has convenient part-replacement alerts as well as self-diagnosis reports and abnormality alerts so you can troubleshoot any potential problems. The rain sensors send the mower back to its charging station to protect it from inclement weather.

segway rtk antenna


The Segway Navimow has a couple of accessories to enhance its power and efficiency. The ultrasonic sensor is an additional sensor to provide even greater protection against unseen and small obstacles in the path of the mower.

The Navimow garage has an integrated charging station and with an overhead lid, offers greater protection against the elements like sun and rain. You can also purchase an antenna Extension Kit for stronger GPS signal and ultimately a better performance.

You can also purchase additional blades and a temporary fence if you want to further guard any off-limit areas.

The Navimow is available in 4 models — the H3000E, H1500E, and the H800E. The features and other specs of the three models are nearly identical. Here’s the cost of each:

  • H3000E – mows up to 0.8 of an acre – $2600
  • H1500E – mows 0.4 acre – $2200
  • H800E – mows 0.2 acre – $1899

Undoubtedly, robot mowers save homeowners time and money. You’ll just need to decide how much your time is worth. And keep in mind that there are plenty of great robot mowers available for about $1000.

What you’ll love most

There is lots to love about the Segway Navimow but what you’d love most is the ease and convenience of this state-of-the-art technology. The GPS positioning means you no longer have to adjust and readjust a perimeter wire.

The intuitive app lets you control and monitor your mower no matter where you are whether you’re just inside relaxing on the couch or out playing a round of golf.

Advanced safety features mean you can rest easy knowing kids, pets, and any miscellaneous tools and toys will remain untouched, even if directly in the path of this smart mower. It’s quiet too!

But what will keep your neighbors talking is how even, lush, and healthy your lawn will look week after week all summer long. They also love the nice looking striped pattern Segway creates while cutting their lawn.

Is it worth it?

While there are cheaper mowers on the market, the Segway Navimow will save you money in the long run. You don’t need to worry about installation or maintenance fees. You’ll also save on gas and electricity as this battery operated mower is both strong, fast, and fully autonomous.

Unlike some earlier robot mower models this revolutionary Navimow is quiet and more efficient. It will cut in a unified pattern at the height you maintain. Your time and money are valuable. This mower will save you both.

As the technology used to power robotic mowers has increased, they’ve only become more convenient, reliable, and efficient. The Segway Navimow with advanced GPS positioning is the best robot mower on the market. You’re lawn will get a clean, even cut all season long while all you have to do is tap a few buttons on your phone. It could t be easier. You’ll love the thought and care that went into each feature —mostly because you won’t even have to think about your mower.

This is a great robot mower for any family or individuals with lawns they want to look beautiful without having to spend hours to make it so.

Where to Buy

Right now the Segway Navimow is only available on Amazon.

13 thoughts on “Review of the Segway Navimow: A Revolutionary Robot Mower”

  1. Hi,
    I also built my own RTK mower prototype because I could not find one to buy. Can yours mow 2000m2 in one go and how fast? I do not want to let my robot outside all the time, so I prefer to put it just once every week. Mine needs 1 and half hour. Thanks

    1. Hey Pierre, send me some pictures and a video of your mower working, would love to see it. Great job at making your own!

    2. The reasoning for it to mow every day, is because it keeps your lawn looking cut without the extra grass clippings. I mow 2 acres and I still cut it every 2-3 days. Once a week is too much, except near the Fall time when the grass grows slower. In Spring, I had to mow it every other day. In some areas, I even use my push mower to keep the lines straight & even, then finish them off with my ride-mower.

      This Navimow intrigues me & I may just get 2 of them to take care of each acre.

    1. Hi Tom, As of now there seems to be no way to actually buy a Segway Navimow in the US. I know the company is currently looking for distributors. Check back here and I’ll update this post as the situation changes.

      1. Or they could just sell it online and ship it like a normal company…..

        There are people like myself and this poster who are looking for something like this.

        Not smart on the companies part. Losing many potential sales and forcing us to purchase from the competition who actually does sell and ship.

        Ridiculous in this day and she to advertise a product and then not give customers a way to simply buy it.

        What a shame.

        1. I am guessing the reason is the technology is not as proven as their marketing says. They want to sell through another company so they aren’t stuck with all of the returns.

  2. On the Segway Navimov site there’s a “3 year free 4G data” on their 3000m2 version. How does that work after the 3 years? Can I insert a sim card in the mover, or do I have some to pay each month for some kind of service?

    1. I can’t find any information on this. I would guess a monthly service plan would be required since cellular data is used for navimow navigation. I’ll update this comment when I have more information.

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