Review of Navimow i Series Mower

Earlier generations of robot mowers were exciting when they were first released. But over time, some of their shortcomings started to become obvious as newer models emerged.

These newer models fixed many of the earlier issues that robot mowers had and with each generation, mowers get closer to being totally wireless and autonomous with minimal setup time.

One of the earlier models was the Navimow by Segway. This mower launched with great anticipation, mostly due to the Segway brand attachment.

While it was a decent mower, some customers had issues with the original Navimow. They complained of navigation issues and also difficulty when it came to finding replacement parts.

But now Segaway is introducing their next generation of mowers they are calling the Navimow i Series. Segway has said they’ve listened to their customers and have revamped the lineup to incorporate high-end features and the latest navigation technology.

So, does the new Navimow live up to the hype?

Below is our review of the Navimow i Series from Segway and we’ll see how improved it is over the previous generation.

Who Is Segway?

You’ve likely heard of Segway. They make everything from high-end scooters to budget-friendly electric scooters you will see zipping around just about every major city.

Segway’s robot mower line is licensed under the Segway name. The design firm and manufacturing are handled by a separate company. So while the Navimow i Series is under the Segway brand, it’s via licensing and not a direct relationship with the original Segway company.

The Segway Navimow i Series Mower

The new Navimow i Series is all new, but it still shares design cues from the Navimow H Series. It is still two-wheel drive only and sports a compact build that helps it navigate tighter spaces or zones.

The overall wheelbase is shorter than most similar mowers, making the Navimow i Series more nimble and also lower weight, which increases the run-time of the battery.

Segway is introducing the Navimow i Series with the following two models in the lineup.

navimow i series robot mower

Navimow i105E Mower

This is the smallest of the two mowers and it’s designed for lawns up to 500m2. The smaller range is due to the smaller 2.55Ah battery included. The i105E has all of the new design upgrades as its larger sibling.

Navimow i108E Mower

This is the larger model and is designed for lawns up to 800m2. The i108E gets a beefed-up battery delivering 5.1Ah to help extend the range. 

Other than the range, these two mowers all share the same technology, and installing them will use the same process. The i108 does come in a darker gray color scheme. The i105E uses the traditional Segway light gray, with dark gray and orange accents.

Segway Navimow i Series Navigation

The new Segway i Series mowers use a totally revamped vision system compared to the previous H series. This system is the upgraded EFLS 2.0 system and uses GNSS as its main method of navigation.

There is a secondary vision system based on vision cameras that can intercede and take control of the mower if the GNSS signal is weak or lost. The vision system also acts as its main obstacle-avoidance technology.

The new system uses AI algorithms to detect over 140 specific objects to aid in more intelligent obstacle detection. This means it can tell the difference between a pet or animal and a pile of leaves.

This detection changes the way the mower reacts to specific obstacles and whether or not it comes to a complete stop or simply avoids the object and continues on its way. 

The vision system did work well and we were impressed with how it handled obstacles. One downside though is the vision system can have difficulty in low-light conditions. So a combination of an overcast day and the sun setting may create a difficult environment for the vision system alone.

Highly shaded areas may also be an issue, but that’s not specific to the i Series and we’ve seen this happen with other vision-based mowers. It’s just something to be aware of when initially setting up your perimeter and your zones.

Segway Navimow iSeries Installation

Installing the Navimow i Series is also new. Of course, there is no perimeter wire with the Navimow i Series.

Once you have chosen your location for the charging base and staked it to the ground, you plug in the power adapter and you’re ready to start setting up the mower.

Pairing the mower with the app was easy and only took a few seconds. From there, you can begin to set up your perimeter and zones.

Segway says there is a new AI system to help build the perimeter. We did use the app to control the mower around the perimeter of our test lawn. It did work perfectly and the new AI system essentially builds a map of your lawn using the vision system and GNSS location data.

Overall, the new and improved app was easy to use and the process of setting the perimeter went forward without a hitch.

You will need to place a relay station somewhere on your lawn, but the low-profile unit is easy to place just about anywhere. However, you will want to choose an open area for placement so you canl get the best reception. 

We’ve found that if you’re having trouble getting a good signal, using a few alternative antenna locations can sometimes fix the problem.

The Navimow i Series app will show you where the mower is losing signal with an easy-to-read screen that shows areas in green as getting good reception. So you can use this to fine-tune your placement.

There is also an optional 4G unit to use with Navimow Connect. This uses 4G when wifi is unavailable. You can essentially monitor your mower from anywhere regardless of your home’s wifi using G. It will also track the mower wherever it is if it’s ever stolen.

This is optional and you do get a free year of service when buying the 4G module.

The Segway Navimow i Series App

One of our favorite features of the new i Series mower is the new app. It’s been revamped and this was desperately needed.

The older app was known to have issues and there was buggy behavior. It did work, but it wasn’t always a smooth experience.

The new app is much better and also has some great new features. There are advanced scheduling features for the time of day and different zones. You can also use local weather forecasts so the mower doesn’t start if a storm or rain is predicted in the area.

Segway Navimow i Series Edging

navimow mower ride on edging

One pitfall when using many robot mowers is when it comes to getting clean edges. Most homeowners will still have to do a little clean-up with a line trimmer to get a sharp edge.

The i Series has a new feature to help resolve this problem and it works well if your property has the right setup.

You can choose for the mower to ride half on your preset perimeter and half off it. This essentially makes the mower straddle your perimeter to clean up any uncut edges left behind.

This feature worked great, but you need to have enough space next to your perimeter. For example, a grassy area next to a sidewalk of just about equal height works perfectly.

Unfortunately, perimeter areas that are up against a wall or fence can still be tricky and will likely require some manual cleanup for a perfect edge.

Segway Navimow i Series Final Review

Overall, we were impressed with the new i Series. It seems Segway listened to customers and added features to make the overall experience easier. The new vision system is a step up and we really liked the new and improved app that ties the whole package together.

Navimow i Series Pricing and Where to Buy

The new i Series pricing is as follows:

  • Navimow i105N for 1/8 acre: $999.00
  • Navimow i110N for 1/4 acre: $1,299.00

You can buy the Segway Navimow i on Amazon.

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