5 Best Trail Mowers (Tow Behind)

Oftentimes the difference between an easy job and a hard job is finding the right tool to get it done. When it comes to tackling high grass or brush, this is especially true.

In these situations, a riding mower or walk-behind brush mower just isn’t enough. It can work but you’ll often spend way more time than if you used a trail mower that tows behind an ATV or other tractor.

If you’re creating hunting trails or just creating paths for land management, a tow-behind mower can clear a trail in 30 minutes. That same length of the trail would take almost all day with another mower.

But since a trail mower is a heavy-duty piece of equipment, you want to make sure you buy something reliable and strong enough to not bog down or be riddled with broken parts prematurely.

To help you out, we’ll cover our top trail mowers that are available in 2024. Depending on your situation, you should be able to find the perfect trail mower on our list to tackle your next job.

1. Kunz Rough Cut Mowers

Kunz Engineering offers some of the most highly rated tow-behind mowers on the market. The company was founded by Gary Kunz, who was a landscaper and inventor who created his own mowing devices to help him tackle commercial jobs faster and easier.

It’s through this process of trial and error that he developed his own line of tow behind mowers. The reason this story is important is because it shows these mowers were designed in the field under real-world conditions. They weren’t designed in some office and then sent to an overseas factory for production with no testing.

The Kunz Rough Cut mowers come in two sizes, which are the 44” class and the 57” class. In total, there are 7 models and they vary by horsepower and blade engagement type. 

You can choose between 19HP, 23HP, 25HP, and 27HP. The 44” models can go up to 23HP, with the 25HP and 27HP reserved for the larger 57” class models.

There’s also a choice of clutch blade engagement options. You can choose between electric clutch blade engagement or manual engagement between the 44” and 57” mower models.

The Kunz Rough Cut Mowers come in the following ArcSeries models:

  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR44B – 44”, 19HP, Manual clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR44BC – 44”, 23HP, Manual clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR44BE – 44”, 23HP, Electric clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR55B – 57”, 23HP, Manual clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR55BE – 57”, 27HP, Electric clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR55KE – 57” 25HP, Electric clutch blade
  • Rough Cut ArcEase Model MR55KEI – 57” 27HP EFI Fuel injected, Electric clutch blade

Overall, the Kunz Rough Cut mowers are our top choice if you need a commercial trail mower that can tackle anything you throw at it. 

2. DR Field & Brush Mower: Pro 44T

Coming in second place is the DR Field & Brush Mower, model Pro 44T. This unit is a little smaller than the Kunz 44” class of mowers with only 17.5HP. But it can still handle tall grass up to 4 feet and saplings up to 3 inches. It can also handle tall brush up to 8 feet.

With this trail mower, you should be able to comfortably mow up to 1.5 acres per hour without stressing the mower and causing unnecessary wear.

There’s also a wired remote control giving you access to an electric starter and clutch engagement directly from your seat on the ATV or tractor.

Another great thing about this tow-behind mower is that it cuts wider than its wheelbase. Some of the less expensive models don’t mow over the tires. This can slow you down and force you to take different passes to cover the same area.

Overall, this is a strong trail mower and is assembled in the USA from foreign and domestic components.

3. BravePro 44 Inch Rough Cut Mower (BRPRC108HE)

BravePro is a subsidiary of Northern Tool, which is the parent company of countless brands of well-known lawn and garden equipment as well as commercial quality tools.

The BravePro 44” rough-cut mower is a heavy-duty mower that comes with some great features that make tackling tough jobs easier.

To start, it has a powerful 23HP Honda 688CC V-Twin engine with an electric start. This is a well-known engine and is used in many other commercial lawn and garden applications. It’s reliable and will serve you well for years as long you perform basic regular maintenance on it.

The BravePro also features an electric clutch blade engagement. Cutting height ranges from 2 inches to 8 inches and is adjustable via a single crank for fast changes between height adjustments.

The deck itself is also commercial quality and built with heavy steel tubing. The tires are flat-proof, which is always nice considering your tow-behind mower will often be riding over sharp-edged stalks and saplings that can easily poke through tires.

Overall, this is a strong package and one that handles rougher terrain or commercial use without breaking down.

4. DR Pro MAX 52T

If you need something bigger and more powerful than our previously mentioned DR Pro 44T, the Pro MAX 52T may be the perfect fit. It also comes at a relatively affordable price considering the options you get with this decked-out field mower.

The power of this mower is evident in its mowing speed. You can easily cut 2.5 acres an hour without stressing the machine or bogging down. The mowing speed is thanks to its 52-inch deck and also its powerful 22HP B&S V-Twin engine.

Similar to the BravePro, the 22HP B&S engine in the MAX52T is proven for commercial use and delivers reliable power for years with just basic maintenance.

You also get a convenient remote electric start along with an electric clutch blade engagement. To top it off, you also get a remote electric height adjustment so you can change cutting heights without ever getting off your ATV or tractor.

You also get a full-floating deck and pivoting blades to handle rough terrain without damaging your blades or the rest of the drivetrain.

Overall, the MAX 52T is packed with features to make your next mowing job a breeze.

5. Swisher 44” Rough Cut Tow Behind Mower

Some people may be surprised to see an affordable Swisher mower on our list. Swisher trail mowers have had a somewhat checkered reputation when it comes to longevity, but they do provide the most affordable tow-behind mowers you can find.

It’s important to remember that many of the Swisher mowers aren’t for commercial use. If you use them as intended, you can get good results and also avoid many of the problems some others may have faced.

The Swisher 44” mower is smaller and uses an 11.5HP. Despite its smaller size and lower HP, it can still tackle saplings up to 3 inches in diameter. It gets great reviews and is actually the highest rated trail mower on Amazon.

Cutting adjustments go up to 4 inches and the manual crank is easy to access. 

There are also several options available for the type of hitch you want as well as an electric start and other remote control options for the clutch blade.

If you treat these mowers right and don’t use them in situations they aren’t intended for, you can get a great deal on a smaller Swisher and still cut great trails or open areas on your property.

Final Tips For Choosing A Trail Mower

One thing to consider when looking at trail mowers is whether your property has steep slopes and angled corners you’ll need to negotiate. If so, you may need to upgrade the hitch system you choose so you don’t kink the tow bars or cause damage to the mower.

Finally, if you are unsure about the size or horsepower, it’s always best to get a mower that’s a little more powerful than what you need compared to an underpowered one. Your mower will last much longer and will retain its resale value better if you ever sell it.

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