Robot Mower Garages

Whether you call them robot mower garages or houses, it’s definitely a good idea to provide basic shelter for your mower when it’s not in use. Garages will protect your robot lawn mower from rain and wind as well as sunlight while it is in the charging station.

The robot garage can also be a great garden feature to either hide your robot lawn mower from view, or to highlight it’s presence in a variety of ways. Most people actually want to show off their new mowers and buy personalized garages for them.

Most robot mowers are able to be programmed to work when you want them to. If you have yours set to work every day, it will probably actually be cutting your lawn only 14 hours at the most (since mowers typically spend 60% cutting and 40% charging). The bottom line is that mowers will spend a lot of time at their charging station. And a robot lawn mower garage will help the robot mower to be shielded from adverse weather and ultraviolet light, which in turn should result in the robot lawn mower lasting longer. Shielding the mower from the heat of the sun may also help your batteries to last longer. Husqvarna makes a great automower house that fits their mowers and others. Check it out on Amazon.