Brush Clearing

Brush clearing is not only something done on huge industrial properties. Here in Virginia, we love our large residential yards and commercial properties. However, larger yards means more maintenance, especially if you own a lot with lots of trees, shrubs, and plants. Whatever the size of your Charlottesville lawn, piles of branches, leaves, twigs, and other debris can have a severe impact on the look and functionality of your property. But getting rid of these organic piles can be extremely time-consuming. Give Mowing Magic a call to learn more about our professional brush clearing services.

Benefits Of Our Professional Brush Clearing Services

You can trust Mowing Magic with all of your land clearing needs. We have the experience, training, and skill needed to effectively and safely eliminate all the organic rubble strewn throughout your property. Mowing Magic’s brush clean up services will make your yard look and function much better.

More Space

Our customers are often amazed at how much space they have after removing fallen tree limbs, branches, and leaves. We remove unwanted brush to increase functional areas throughout your yard.

Preventative Maintenance

Unmaintained brushy areas on your residential or commercial property can quickly become unwieldy and time-consuming.

Increased Safety

Here in Virginia, piles of brush, branches, and weeds can attract a wide range of creatures like flees, ticks, snakes, rodents, and even deer. These critters not only make a mess throughout the property, but they can also pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Having us clear away brush can play a vital role in keeping everyone in your yard safe.

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