Leaf Removal Cost Calculator

If you need leaves removed from your lawn this calculator will allow you to estimate the cost.

Leaf Removal Cost Per Acre

Leaf removal cost varies with location, competition from contractors, etc. On average, you’ll pay $600 per acre, which is the amount this calculator uses to estimate leaf removal from your property.

Leaf Removal Costs by Method

There are three ways to remove leaves: raking, vacuuming, or blowing. Professional leaf removal services will almost certainly either vacuum or blow the leaves from your yard. This allows them to clean your yard much faster than by raking. But these methods require specialized equipment that most homeowners don’t have.

Does Leaf Removal Include Gutter Cleaning?

It can. If your gutters need to be cleaned out be sure to mention this when you get your cost quote. You might as well go ahead and get your gutters cleaned when you have other debris removed at the same time. Clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your property over time.

Fall Yard Cleanup Prices

If you’re looking for a ballpark estimate to clean up leaves in the fall, you can expect to pay around $200.

Hire a Leaf Removal Pro

If you don’t plan to cleanup your lawn yourself, your best bet is to find a neighborhood kid willing to do the work. But these days, kids don’t seem to do much of anything. So you’ll likely be hiring a leaf removal professional. The simplest way to find a landscaping contractor is by using an online directory such as HomeAdvisor. Just fill out a few details of the job and they’ll connect you with pros in your area. Each company will then come by to give you an estimate.

Leaf Cleanup Cleanup Cost Factors

Obviously a larger yard will cost more to get cleaned. But there are other factors that contractors will take into consideration when determining the cost.

Number of Trees

The more trees you have, the more leaves that fall, unless they’re evergreens. The more leaves that fall, the longer the job takes, so the more you’ll pay overall.

Other Factors

Is your property super hilly or wooded? How deep is the existing layer of leaves? How long does it take to drive to your property? These and other factors will all go into determining the cost to remove the leaves from your yard.